Preview: 'Nancy In Hell On Earth' #3 - Bloody Disgusting!

Preview: ‘Nancy In Hell On Earth’ #3

Nancy In Hell is a teenage dream from straight out of the 1970s grindhouse scene. Babes, cars, religious wars, angel babes, demons,chainsaws, and more babes. Twisting the tail, El Torres makes Satan the good guy in this one, as the angels are streaming down from the heavens to eradicate the Earth. The artwork is stellar with a beautiful medley of colors. Pop on your favorite vinyl and enjoy the ride. Check out the sultry preview below.

ART BY: Enrique Lopez Lorenzana
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: June 20th

The whole world will be annihilated and consumed by Hell. And the Angels want to cut out that cancer… and that means to destroy the Earth. Nancy and Lucifer must join forces with their worst enemy, Mr. Macabre, to stop Gabrielle… and the nuclear devices she’s ready to.

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