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First Casting News For Supernatural ‘Paranormal Activity 4’

We broke the news back in January that, after hitting a home run with Paranormal Activity 3, both Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will be returning to direct Paranormal Activity 4 for Paramount Pictures. Now we’ve got another bit of news, only this one isn’t all that exciting.

21-year-old Matt Shively (pictured below; April Apocalypse) is in talks to head the relatively unknown cast, we’re exclusively being told. He would play “Alex” if cast. Paramount had no comment.

The studio slated the return of Katie, Kristi and the not-so-friendly ghost Toby for October 19, 2012.

Joost and Schulman co-directed Catfish independently before it was acquired by Universal. PA 3 has made over $200 million at the box office worldwide, while the entire Paranormal Activity franchise has pulled in approximately $577 worldwide at the box office alone making it a near billion dollar franchise (when you include home video).



  • djblack1313

    could this be a grown up version of baby Hunter(?) from part 2?
    even though these movies are boring for the most part and have to resort to false advertising (the trailer for part 3 had barely any footage that was actually in the movie. instead it had a admittedly cool trailer with really cool bits that weren’t in the film), i DO want to know what became of Katie and baby Hunter. this guy pictured could be the spitting image of a grown up Hunter.

    • Evan3

      How is one the “spitting image” of a baby?

  • Aaron Emery

    They don’t seem to be moving very fast on this if it is still planned for an October release. Do we still think its possible?

  • i wish they put add found footage where is baby hunter and katie going since paranormal activity 2

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