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TV: Amazon Studios Announces the First Four Projects on Its Series Development Slate

A “Hell” of a deal, the end of the world, a magic monkey and a plaid sheep — these are the first projects selected for the Amazon Studios Series Development Slate. One is a children’s show, three are comedies and all four were discovered via the Amazon Studios site. All receive $10,000 option extensions.

The most interesting is Angel Castillo’s “The 100 Deaths of Mort Grimley”: “In this animated comedy, Hell desperately needs new customers. And Mort Grimley, new to the Underworld after accidentally taking his own life, is offered a deal; get Hell’s numbers up and maybe get a transfer out (and up), or face eternity in fire and brimstone alongside the cruel mother he tried to escape.” You can read the pilot script here.

Also sorta in our genre is Nathan Thomas’ “Doomsday”, a mockumentary that “follows an ensemble of diverse characters as they ready themselves for the supposed end of the world — including the guru who made the doomsday prediction.” Read that pilot here.

For information on the other two projects, check here.



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