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[OMFG] Did You Know The ‘Total Recall’ Trailer Ripped Off The Trailer For… ‘Total Recall’?!

I absolutely hated Columbia Pictures’ trailer for Total Recall, the Len Winseman-directed remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 sci-fi horror adventure starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that will open in theaters August 3. Every time I see footage I crumble a little bit and think to myself, “Why make this, especially now that they’re not on Mars?”

There’s something to be said about my reaction, unless Tristar’s original 1990 trailer is just as bad. What am I talking about? Well, CinestirTV discovered that whomever edited together the trailer for this summer’s redo created a version that’s a (nearly) shot-for-shot rehash of Verhoeven’s vision.

EDIT: It appears that CinestirTV re-edited the original trailer to match the remake trailer. But the point remains that both have the roughly same content, and the aesthetics of the original are much more interesting. It’s also a hearty reconfirmation that the new Total Recall is indeed a remake of the earlier film, and not a re-adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s book as some have suggested.

Could it be that, even though it’s the exact same shots, Len Wiseman’s creative choices quite simply just suck? Well, yes. The above video is more than just an interesting display of a studio attempting to lift from the original’s palette, it’s video evidence that a modern reenactment, featuring modern FX, can still be more visually unappealing than a movie made over 20 years ago!

I find this to be one of the most interesting videos of the year. What do you guys think?!



  • It just means that Len Wiseman is a hack.
    Something we all already knew 🙂

  • djblack1313

    this remake looks a trillion times better than “Arnie’s” cheesy crapfest. Mr.D, i’m starting to see why people can’t stand you on this site.

    • Aaron Emery

      Im actually on board with this as well, the action looks well staged, and I think the fact that it does not take place in Mars pretty much confirms it is not a shot for shot remake. Being a cult classic does not make something a masterpiece (unless, of course, we are talking Rocky Horror lol).

      • djblack1313

        Aaron, the point isnt’ whether the trailer is or isn’t a ripoff. it’s that as people have been complaining about (and rightly so) for a long while on this site, Mr.D, always feels compelled to trash/insert his opinion in everything. i’m sure he would hate it if anyone put down his V/H/S movie (even though i think it looked like garbage, i was still polite about my remarks on that movie…until now).

        • Aaron Emery

          Yea, I have to agree. I do my best to be respectful because this truly is my favorite site, and has some fantastic writers, but I don’t tend to agree with pre-judging or just judging the subject of a “news” article. I read the reviews and editorials for that kinda thing. Hope you don’t stop reading/ commenting on here, there are few opinions that I look to and trust (mainly do to the frequent and insightful comments).

          • Jerv23325

            Glad others share the same sentiment about Mr. Disgusting, I think it’s about time he considers hanging up his hat or learn that he’s going to end up losing traffic with his idiotic need to give his asinine opinion on everything.

    • crow454

      Oh you definitely aren’t alone on this one. Objectivity is completely lost on this site, as is any respect for actual journalism. Mr D actually refers to this as a News Site! Personal conjecture is constantly inserted wherever it can find room between back slapping and self promotion. My fave are the articles where they report on something or bring attention to it by writing how awesome they are for NOT reporting on it. This particular article is completely moot…the trailer was manipulated to try and prove a very tenuous point, and the new film is not being judged on its UNSEEN merits, but on a trailer, which means absolutely nothing as its not even in the same class as a finished product, its marketing. If anyone is a hack its the BD staff. Just don’t bring up Kevin Smith or Rob Zombie.

    • doomas10

      total recall was an awesome film. This one has taken so many elements from minority report,the fifth element and blade runner that makes it dreadful. Colin Farrell here is the definition of miscast.

  • Darkness69

    Instead of remaking this movie, they should’ve gone and read other stories by P.K.Dick that also need to be adapted for the big screen! This is a total ripoff!

  • Nothing333

    This is in no way a sci if horror film. Sci if thriller maybe but there are no horror elements. Darkness I agree with you. Try new PKD ground rather than this bland looking rehash.

  • Snoogans

    I already had no interest in this remake and this video just makes me despise it. This looks like another complete CG, slo-mo, action shit stain that only exists to make money and to not entertain.

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