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Gamers Will Finally Get Closure On The “Botched” Mass Effect 3 Ending

Since Mass Effect 3’s release gamers all over the world have been up in arms over the ending. My sister likes to randomly tell me how her life is ruined because of the ending. Well, redemption is almost at hand. Tomorrow, today, wherever you are reading this June 26th will be the release of the Mass Effect 3 – Extended Cut DLC. Those in Europe will have to wait until July 4th. The dlc will be a massive 1.9gb so prepare your hard drive for it. What the Extended Cut is, is basically scenes explaining and showing what was implied by the original ending of Mass Effect 3. What happens to those effected by the choices you’ve made and so on. To ear more head past the break and check out the audio from a Bioware podcast. The extended cut will also be FREE.



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