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Deadmau5 Played A Lot Of Limbo For This New Music Video

It’s no secret that electronic artist Deadmau5 is a big gamer. He’s very big on Minecraft and has appeared in some very entertaining YouTube videos (I’m looking at you Yogscast). But now the mouse-headed musician has released a video for “The Veldt” that shows a lot of inspiration and admiration for the XBLA darling Limbo (review). From the unique art style to the character movement, it’s pretty obvious that Deadmau5 was a big fan of the indie smash hit.

The video tell the tale of a boy and a girl (brother and sister?) who walk through the wilds of Africa, taking in the sights. This includes a lion feeding, vultures scavenging, running through the ribcage of an elephant (or something similarly large), climbing a mountain, and much more. It’s a fun, relatively short video that is well worth checking out below.

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