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In A Break From The Norm, The Stephen Moyer Directed Episode Of “True Blood” Will Have Both Sex And Vampires!!

By many accounts the currently running fifth season of “True Blood” – the last to be overseen by show runner Alan Ball – is experiencing an uptick in quality from last year’s batch of episodes. And I imagine that at this point star Stephen Moyer has been around long enough to get a firm handle on what it takes to direct an episode. TV Guide recently caught up with Moyer and managed to get, well… I suppose the usual amount of info from him.

It was a lot of fun to sit down with each actor, explain what I was trying to do and find the best way to achieve it together.” In regard to directing his wife, Anna Paquin, Moyer said, “We were giggling a lot. There was a lot of, ‘God, this director’s a nightmare.‘”

Then TV Guide decided to ask the daring question, will his episode have ‘hungry vampires, hot sex and down-and-dirty fights?’ He replied, “everything you can have on our show, I had in spades. Everybody is going through monumental stuff this season.

Moyer’s episode is entitled “Somebody That I Used to Know” and airs on July 29th.



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  • djblack1313

    i have to admit this season is really good! it’s my favorite since season 2 (which i loved!) but it’s of course not as good as season 1 (the best season out of them all!). i love learning Pam’s backstory and Chris Meloni’s character (and his entourage) is very good too. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BUDDAH, THE ENGINEERS, WHOEVER YOU CONSIDER GOD, PLEASE KILL TARA OFF!!! she’s gone from crying every ep (in seasons 1-4) to being an insufferable B!tch (worse than ever before). i understand WHY she’s feeling this way…(thanx Sookie) but enough is enough.

    and p.s. BD your site is running REALLY slowly. it takes forever for the page to load. it’s a deterrent in coming to the site. just sayin’.

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