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In A Break From The Norm, The Stephen Moyer Directed Episode Of “True Blood” Will Have Both Sex And Vampires!!

By many accounts the currently running fifth season of “True Blood” – the last to be overseen by show runner Alan Ball – is experiencing an uptick in quality from last year’s batch of episodes. And I imagine that at this point star Stephen Moyer has been around long enough to get a firm handle on what it takes to direct an episode. TV Guide recently caught up with Moyer and managed to get, well… I suppose the usual amount of info from him.

It was a lot of fun to sit down with each actor, explain what I was trying to do and find the best way to achieve it together.” In regard to directing his wife, Anna Paquin, Moyer said, “We were giggling a lot. There was a lot of, ‘God, this director’s a nightmare.‘”

Then TV Guide decided to ask the daring question, will his episode have ‘hungry vampires, hot sex and down-and-dirty fights?’ He replied, “everything you can have on our show, I had in spades. Everybody is going through monumental stuff this season.

Moyer’s episode is entitled “Somebody That I Used to Know” and airs on July 29th.



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