[Random Cool] A Super Wicked Limited Edition 'Insidious' Poster! - Bloody Disgusting!

[Random Cool] A Super Wicked Limited Edition ‘Insidious’ Poster!

I’d like to think my parents raised me well as everything that I do in my life I try and do it the “right way.” Ethics and values are the most important traits to me, which is why I absolutely despise Kickstarter. Not for what it attempts to do, but for monsters it creates. You can learn a lot about a person just by reading through a Kickstarter project, which is why I opt to ignore 99.9% of all Kickstarter e-mails submitted. From a feature standpoint, I’ll gladly support a completed film, but I just can’t post all 72 million projects that hit my inbox. With that said, occasionally a project lands on my doorstep that is bursting with promise and structured “the right way”.

Such the case with Creative Director Turrel David of DzXtinKt Originals, a Baltimore startup company that’s hoping to deliver limited edition prints of incredible posters for Drive and James Wan’s Insidious. Much like what FarSight Studios did to bring fans the “Twilight Zone” pinball machine, DzXtinKt is actually licensing the rights to these films from FilmDistrict (as opposed to stealing the art like all of those horror t-shirt companies do). What this means is, they have to pay FilmDistrict for the right to reproduce art based on said films. It’s expensive. So for them to do things the “right” way they had to get a Kickstarter going. What’s great is that you basically pre-order the product. If they hit their number, they make them and you score a limited edition one-sheet. If they don’t, no harm no foul (unlike IndiGoGo which pays out no matter what).

We’ve added Jordan Debney’s Insidious artwork below. If you want one, Click over to Kickstarter to score it.

  • morrisseylikesburgers

    Cool poster, shitty movie.

  • REmake

    Shitty poster, cool movie.

  • djblack1313

    cool poster, VERY good movie!

  • Nothing333

    Stupid self righteous first paragraph, ok poster, awesome movie!

  • KeepDoubting

    Backed. I’d love to have either of those posters.