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Paul Dini Is Working On A New ‘Batman’ Graphic Novel

Everyone and their brother is taking a stab at writing an original Caped Crusader graphic novel, and Paul Dini, former producer/writer of Batman : The Animated Series and writer for the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game, is the latest big name to give it a go. Dini is only working out the details now with DC Comics, but he says he’s got their permission and has already begun working on it.

Dini told SFX, “Yeah, I have a big Batman story in me, it’s a very personal one and I’ve just got permission from DC to do it…We’re just finalizing the deal right now for me to write it as a graphic novel and I’ve very excited about it. It’s going to be a change of pace for Batman and it’ll take some of the fans by surprise when they ultimately see what the story’s about”.

“I think it’s going to a really terrific story,” Dini tells SFX. “I’ve gotten nothing but great response from the folks at DC on it. I really can’t say much more until we announce it formally but I’m really looking forward to this and jumping in and devoting my entire energy to nothing but writing this Batman story.”

Not much information has been released other than what you see above, but stay tuned for more details in the future.



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