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Five Indonesian Tales of Terror In ‘Hi5teria’!

From directors Adriyanto Dewo, Chairun Nissa, Billy Christian, Nicholas Yudifar and Harvan Agustriansyah comes the Indonesian horror anthology Hi5teria, which stars Tara Basro, Maya Otos, Luna Maya, Imelda Therinne, Ichi Nuraini, Sigi Wimala, Poppy Sovia, Bella Esperance, Dion Wiyoko, Kris Hatta, Egli Fedly, Totos Rasiti, Aelke Mariska, Adrian Aliman, Fitrie Rachmadhina, Pipien Putri and Jennye Awuy.

We’ve added the trailer above, while below the stills you’ll find the massive translated synopsis via their Facebook page.

SARI (Tara Basro) apart with her boyfriend while hiking. He was exploring the woods to find her lover’s. Elsewhere, Zul (Dion Wiyoko) was about to start his first ascent. In the middle of the woods Zul met Sari, Sari Zul was trying to help find his girlfriend. But strangely enough they always return to the same spot on. Until finally they reached the dark forest, where the mysterious voices sounded like a crowded market in the distance. What exactly is in the forest? Sari can go back and meet with her lover?

Nicole (Maya Otos) foreign journalists, researching writing about puppet in an area in Central Java. As of writing research, herself drawn into the mystical world of the mysterious shadow puppets. Before he really knew it, she was trapped in a mystical vortex that threatens her soul. Can Nicole freeing herself? And why he was targeted?

Farah (Luna Maya), a young scientist, so do not believe in ghosts and supernatural things. He always has a scientific explanation of the strange phenomena. But an incident in an old house changed everything after Farah took away a music box from the house. Now the mysterious figure appears to haunt the children and invites Farah to play. Farah threatened, and there is no other way to save him but TRUST ..

A family, father, pregnant mother, and teenage son, on vacation in a villa. A holiday which originally was a holiday of fun, turned into a nightmare after flying head start haunting figure of the mother is pregnant. The mother was asked to go home. But other family members tried to convince him that it was just imagining. But a surprising fact about the demon’s head burst of flying was not just a shadow!

On a quiet night, an officer of the parking ticket lady basement of a building experiencing strange occurrences. Beginning with the counter latch that can not be opened until the sinister figure of a woman who terrorized her. The appearance of the woman that brought him into the sinister events of a horrific murder.



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