Classic Painkiller Is Coming Back With A Little Hell And Damnation - Bloody Disgusting!

Classic Painkiller Is Coming Back With A Little Hell And Damnation

Painkiller Hell and Damnation (3)

Something I missed announced at E3 was the remake of the original Painkiller. Never having played the game myself I am quite looking forward to Hell and Damnation’s release. I haven’t read anything about what platforms it will be released on though the original was released on the PC. From my studies the game was re-released about a million times and has had several expansion packs since it’s 2004 release. There is also no word if Hell and Damnation will contain those expansions, but I would hope so. Screens past the break, more info as it comes.

“We’re proud of the shiny new splendor of the game’s graphics, but we’re doubly proud we’ve made player skill the most important part of the game. In addition to the single player campaign, we’re putting a tremendous emphasis on the game’s multiplayer component” said Reinhard Pollice, responsible for Business & Product Development at Nordic Games.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Never had the chance to try out Painkiller, but I’ve heard it’s very similar to Serious Sam. Old school shoot-em-up with enough levels and monsters to successfully melt your fucking brain.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Sounds like some mindless fun I could use to my advantage.

  • ReplicA

    The first Painkiller makes it’s way on to my pc every time I get a new one. It’s fun as hell, with creative weapons, spooky levels, killer bad guys, and lots and lots of bullets. It is like an old school shooter, just like blood-sicles said. Incredibly fun, with cool powers you can use through earning cards that allow you to do things like slow time, shoot faster, collect souls from a distance, and other nifty bits of awesome. Also, collect enough souls and you turn into a demon with massive power, to destroy your enemies. I’m really excited to play a remake of the first one. Very cool news

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Excellent, I’m definitely going to have to get it.