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‘The Secret World’ Is Out Today, Which Side Will You Fight For?



Fucking Cthulhu is in this game? Why didn’t anyone tell me this? Look, if you weren’t interested in this game already, Cthulhu should immediately make this worth your time. I mean, come on, it’s Cthulhu. So The Secret World is out today and it looks pretty great. I spent about an hour with it last night and it’s unlike any other game I’ve ever played, and I mean that in a very good way. The unique blend of sci-fi, fantasy and horror helps it stand out from the myriad other MMOs out there. Head past the break for the launch trailer!

This game is brimming with conspiracies, urban myths and mythological creatures (like Cthulhu) and covers much of the world. You can choose between the Illuminati, Templars and Dragon, which are located in New York City, London and Seoul, respectively. Look our for our co-op review of the game that should go live pretty soon.

The Secret World is available now for $49.99 on the PC. The game does require a monthly subscription of $14.99 but the first 30 days are free for those who purchase the game.

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