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[Interview] Casper Van Dien On Working With Nicholas McCarthy To Bring ‘The Pact’ To Life



Nicholas McCarthy’s Sundance hit, The Pact (review), is a supernatural horror pic that stars Caity Lotz (“Mad Men”), Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow) and Agnes Bruckner (The Woods).

While the film is currently available on VOD, it hits limited theaters this Friday, July 6th if you want to see it on the big screen. I recently hopped on the phone with Van Dien to talk about his character, working with Nicholas McCarthy and utilizing the house in the film as if it were a character.

In the film, “Following her mother’s funeral, Annie reluctantly returns to her childhood home – a place that she’d rather forget. Now her sister Nicole and cousin have inexplicably disappeared, she is forced to unlock the doors to the past to discover the hidden secrets of the house and in doing so finds a room that she has no memory of. Things take a sinister turn and Annie soon realises that she isn’t alone in the house.

Head inside to check it out!

What attracted you to the project?

I liked the way it was written. Just reading the script and seeing that it was actually scary to read. And meeting Nicholas [McCarthy], he was just so enthusiastic. And the environment of the house was just terrifying and I had seen the original short, which was terrifying as well. He had taken almost everybody from that short with him to be the crew on this movie. And it was interesting that the short was in Sundance, and he did such an amazing job with the feature that he got back into Sundance. And the reaction from the crowd there was so enthusiastic.

This is Nicholas McCarthy’s first feature, how was he on set?

Watching him do this, he’s such a fan of the genre. He’s somebody who I think respects it and it was nice to see that. I’ve done all types of films and when someone truly loves a genre and puts their heart and soul into that, it’s fun to participate. And you don’t always get that. He is really someone who loves the genre. He gets it. And you can tell that from watching the film.

It’s interesting. A lot of horror filmmakers underestimate the fans’ ability to discern between good and bad material. They see the genre as a way to make a quick buck and sometime’s there’s a jaw dropping lack of respect.

I completely agree with you. I think that horror fans are sophisticated and the producers are finally realizing it. Though some don’t see that at all or respect the genre as an art form.

A lot of the film takes place in one location, how did you guys navigate the challenges of that?

It was interesting to watch it being made, because all of the people from the crew put their heart and should into making it believable. They made the house into another character in the film.

Speaking of characters, what did Caity Lotz bring to the role of “Annie”?

She’s incredible. She’s such a talented actress and so devoted to her art. She’s such an athletic person that she was able to do these phenomenal stunts. She’s just as good as any of the stunt people I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

As far as your character goes, what do you think makes “Creek” tick?

He’s had his problems. And helping out this young girl could be his salvation. That’s what I was taking on. Maybe helping her can help him get his life together.


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