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Couple Haunted By Baby In Indie ‘Silent Cradle’



BD reader Avery tipped us off to a teaser trailer for Kemal Yildirim & Jack James’ Silent Cradle.

Suffering from a miscarriage Leanne struggles to deal with the recent loss of her unborn child which in turn affects her relationship with boyfriend Michael. Leanne becomes reclusive and begins to hear noises; babies crying and animalistic ritual sounds merging together. Disconnected from the world Leanne begins to experience strange phenomena all around her until one day she receives news that she has inherited a house from a strange distant relative. Leanne feels compelled to find out more about this inheritance and pulled to go to the house and does so thus starting a chain of events that lead Leanne into a what has been calling her all along.

Get more at the film’s official Facebook.


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