[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Fresh ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ One-Sheet, Hi-Res Look At Alice Kickin’ Zombie Ass!!

  • djblack1313


  • FilthyBeast666

    Anyone else think that zombie looks like jackie chan?

    • Taboo

      That’s what I’ve been saying jaja.. Looks like em’.

  • divisionbell

    Please…for the love of god…someone hurry up and kill this series so it can be started over and finally do the series like the games were. The first was the only one that was close to being good. What a horrible series of films…

  • lhcameron

    what KILLS me is the fact that people who CLAIM to be fans of the game have YET to realize that the games have steered off from what they used to be too. The games arent even survival horror or scary any more their pretty much just ACTION games. So Resident Evil (film series) is doing a mighty fine job in my opinion. cant wait for this (possible) final installment.

  • Evil_Flip

    I only like the first one, but I’ll sit through this one for Milla.