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An Exposé On The “Satanic Illuminati” Messages Of Metal Bands

A video entitled “Exposing Metal Bands (satanic illuminati) PART 1” from user AprilAndWayneShow has been slowly gaining interest on YouTube (as of this posting, the video has over 70k views). The video takes several metal bands, including Whitechapel, Veil of Maya, Suicide Silence, and more, and “proves” that their music, their visuals, and their lyrics all promote the worship of Satan and steer people away from the one true religion: Christianity.

Rife with spelling and grammar errors, the video and the “proof” is full of holes. For instance, in trying to convince the viewer that the musicians are possessed by the Devil, the video uses quotes directly from musicians such as “…It’s like a mysterious energy that comes from the metaphysical plane and into my body. It’s almost like being a medium…” (Marc Storace of Krokus) or, “…I’ve always considered tha there was some way where we were able to channel energy, and that energy was able to be, from another source, if you like, like a higher power or something, that was actually doing the work.” (Bill Ward of Black Sabbath).

Notice that neither of these quotes discusses whether it is God or Satan that is the “energy”. It’s simply the fact that these are metal musicians that makes them inherently evil.

The joke of a video can be seen below along with another video that, for as amusing as it is, is also very applicable in this situation.

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