Review: 'Planetoid' #2 - Bloody Disgusting!

Review: ‘Planetoid’ #2


Ken Garing’s Planetoid is back with more great artwork and plot development in issue #2. Image comics have really hit gold with Garing, as this series keeps progressing rapidly, but fluidly. In issue #1 of “Planetoid”, the main character, Silas, finds himself trapped on an extremely inhospitable planet, inhabited by massive robots, abandoned mining equipment and other survivors of interstellar crash landings. Issue #2 features more great artwork which brings the story to life, as well as introduces some new characters and Silas gets to use his gun with devastatingly awesome effectiveness.

WRITTEN BY: Ken Garing
ART BY: Ken Garing
RELEASE: July 11th

I loved how Garing started off issue #1 of “Planetoid” with a few pages of artwork not interrupted by dialogue. It really set the tone for the comic and allowed the reader to immerse himself in the barren, metallic wasteland that is the setting of “Planetoid”. Garing takes a similar approach in issue #2, as Silas explores more of the wasteland. There is, however, an important addition to the environment: the killer robots hinted at in issue #1 make an appearance with devastating consequences for the humans… That is until they meet Silas.

The history of the planetoid, which is revealed in this issue, is chilling, and definitely evokes feelings of Lovecraft. It’s a neat little history that brings a bit of terror into the series. The most interesting part is that the robots do more than just kill any humans they come across. When this is revealed, the scenes of scraggly survivors fighting the behemoth robots with nothing more than hammers make much more sense. Certain death is better than what lays in store for them at the hands of the evil robots…

There is, however, a way off of the Planetoid, which gives the reader a glimmer of hope for Silas, whose prospects were otherwise looking very bleak. Of course, the evil robot army may pose a bit of a problem, but I’m rooting for, “Lord Silas,” and his pea shooter.

4.5/5 skulls

Reviewed by TheSandman