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[Awesome] Check Out This Beautifully Retro Horror-Inspired Music Video

Sometimes a music video goes for a horror vibe and falls flat on its face. But sometimes you get a video that just nails everything it’s going for and I can’t help but smile as my beloved genre gets the proper treatment. Such is the case with the music video for Jjamz “Heartbeat”, which is directed by Eddie O’Keefe. The video has the look and feel of Halloween, a figure known as “The Shape” that reminds me of a cross between Phantasm’s The Tall Man and Poltergeist’s Henry Kane, and visual color play like Argento’s Suspiria. All of these attributes are delightfully offset by a surprisingly catchy and chipper song. Check out the awesome video below and download the song for free here.

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  • italianzombie

    looks like Riff Raff off ROCKY HORROR

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    I usually don’t dig on that kind of music, but damn if that song wasn’t catchy as hell! And the chick in the video was smokin hot.

    Oh, and the horror element was done really well too. Glad they actually seemed to have shot on 16mm instead of shooting digital and adding scuffs and stuff with Final Cut, as so many people do when going for that kind of look.

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