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Comic-Con 2012: ‘Fortnite’ Sneaks Up To Comic-Con And Bites You In The Ass

Fortnite is quite a far leap away from Epic Games previous powerhouse Gears Of War. But that isn’t a bad thing. Fortnite is taking on a totally different look and feel from Gears, and though I’m not necessarily excited about the game I do have quite a bit of interest in it. I’m always excited to see what a game company can do with a game when they reach outside the norm.

Fortnite is going to be a co-op sandbox type game where you spend your days gathering supplies, scavenging, and building your fortifications to fight off demons at night. The best part? It’s running on the brand spanking new Unreal 4 Engine that was crafted by Epic Games, so expect some amazing looking graphics and all around magic. The only downside for you console jocks, PC only. Screens past the break.



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