Super Fun 'Grabbers' Trailer Lives Up To The Irish 'Tremors' Comparison - Bloody Disgusting!

Super Fun ‘Grabbers’ Trailer Lives Up To The Irish ‘Tremors’ Comparison

Pegged as “The Waking Dead” meets Tremors, with tentacles, Jon Wright directs the Irish horror comedy Grabbers that stars Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley and Russell Tovey in a film that takes to “a sleepy Irish fishing village that’s forced to fend off a blood-sucking sea creature.” The trailer has now hit and this thing looks like quite a bit of fun. I really enjoyed the clip that came out around Sundance and now I’m officially stoked to check out this movie.

Ryan Daley said this about the Sundance Film Festival selection: “I liked the hell out Grabbers, but if it had revealed its monster just a little less often, and been just a little more menacing in its approach, it could have transcended mere likeability on the way to horror greatness.” Read his entire review here. IFC Films will be releasing the monster comedy in theaters and VOD later this year (it’s dated for August 10th in the UK – still looking into the US release).

Head inside for a look a the trailer.

  • djblack1313

    i can’t wait to see this movie! it looks awesome!

  • Let me tell you right now, this had the same kind of fun that Tremors did with an entirely new level of absurdity (read: lack of sobriety). Characters are likable and both scares and gags are done very well.

  • peepjerky

    Looks feckin’ good.