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If You Could Remake ‘Halloween’ Or ‘Hellraiser’, What Would You Do?

There’s nothing more frustrating to us horror fans than sitting around waiting for some of our beloved slasher icons to make it back to theaters. While the studios continue to pump money into various superhero franchises, the horror legends we grew up loving are sitting on the couch getting fat on Cheetos. Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema are sitting pretty on Friday the 13th, while Warners and New Line has A Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger in a coma. Then there’s Universal who’s attempting CPR on the Child’s Play franchise with the direct-to-video Curse of Chucky, now in pre-production, and Lionsgate has a January date set for their Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

This leaves a few other familiar faces that have a home with Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s Dimension Films. While the duo continue develop both a Scream sequel/reboot and TV series, they’ve also set their sights on getting both Pinhead and Michael Myers back in theaters.

Back on April 1 we broke the news that Platinum Dunes was in talks to take the producing reigns on Dimension’s next Halloween installment. (They may have also taken on the Hellraiser remake.) Sources told Bloody exclusively this weekend that, after nearly four months, Dunes is no longer working on either film. We can also confirm that the Weinsteins want to re-remake Halloween.


What’s incredibly frustrating is Bob and Harvey’s inability to give us horror fans what we want, which is more Halloween and Hellraiser films (that aren’t rushed, half-assed, direct-to-disc garbage). There are plenty of brilliant writers out there dying to tackle these franchises, and it’s mind-boggling that the brothers can’t settle on single pitch to get excited about. I have hundreds of ideas that range from revealing what happened to Michael Myers between Halloween 2 and Halloween 4 (as he wasn’t in Season of the Witch) to them telling the full original story of Pinhead. Point is, get it done.

So I ask you guys, if you guys were asked to pitch a re-remake of Halloween or a remake of Hellraiser, what would you do? How would you like to see these characters revived?



  • Aaron Emery

    I would honestly rather see another sequel to the original (Halloween) franchise or even to Rob’s, going back to the original style. What I think of when I think about Halloween is simplicity. It might be kinda cool to have a follow up to 4 & 5, ignoring part 6. Explore what happened to Jamie directly after part 5. Like I said, simplicity, suspense, stalk- and- slash type stuff. Halloween is not about the gore or hardcore violence, it is about the creepiness of The Shape and what we didn’t know about him. There my 2 cents, take it as you will.

    • jeremyk

      They aren’t going back to the old series. Anther reboot makes sense with the success of The Amazing Spider-Man.

      • BluWave

        ugh I Lothe The Amazing SPider-man Film. it was a total huge mess, and piece of crap. they f@*k it up!! royal. So I would never have these half baked nutso’s take ANY piece of these horor titains.

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  • purplek

    I’m a sequel man myself, but where I’m most interested in is creating alternate sequels. Like not remaking a movie, just making a different one. Like I absolutely hate Friday The 13th part 7, who says we can’t go back and make a different part seven and then see where it’s sequels will lead, you know?

    • i think that’s a very good idea actually. a fixer upper so to speak or course correction to get a franchise back on track

  • EvilHead1981

    If I had to remake both, I’d look back and analyze what made the originals so good and unique, explore that as well as adding modern reboot fundamentals. Approach it as in a “Requel”, a reboot that doesn’t say the original series DIDN’T take place, and could easily be considered a loose sequel in the original canon(sorta like the Ft13 reboot, even though it did make some liberties to tell itself apart from the original canon). Basically, as far as Halloween was concerned, re-introduce The Shape, a cold siilent killer that is almost void of all humanity, strikes like a machine and blends into shadows with ease. Add a new cast of teens from Haddonfield who all know the legend of the their town’s “Boogeyman”, which has become more of an urban legend as of modern times(generation after generation has taken it less and less seriously). Being new, they don’t erase Laurie and her friends from the continuity, but serve as a new version of that group. Have the main girl be just as perceptive to The Shape. Have her be more aware of her surroundings and less caught up in the teenage experience as her friends. As Aron Emery has stated, keep the simplicity and suspense. You don’t have to go overly deep in explaining why Michael Myers does what he does(which in RZ’s flick, was a bad move, IMO). He’s supposed to be a force of chaos. His motives are supposed to exist outside of logic and reason. What caused him to snap is supposed to be an enigma to the reasonable world, which makes it all more scary, because it’s something science, logic and fact could not explain.

    Hellraiser, same philosophy. Don’t discount the original canon. Have this be a “new experience” that can exist in the old canon’s world. Another tale of a “holder of the Lament Configuration” that is enough of it’s own story to be a reboot. Keep the gist of what the Cenobites and the box represent, the whole exploration of the thresholds beyond pain and pleasure. Maybe add a group dynamic, where the main character(reboot’s version of Kirsty Cotton) finds her boyfriend and close friends all slowly start to turn on each other after experiencing some sort of cerebral “taste” of the box’s power, all trying to fight each other over it, not knowing that they’d regret it once they unlock it’s power. Have the main character the “voice of reason” of the story while all the others(including her boyfriend), succumb to the box’s lure and become the playthings of the Cenobites. Have the cast be older than the proposed reboot(maybe out of college, late 20s/early 30s), past young adult immaturities, which makes their transition from logical, responsible, level-headed adults into selfish, wreckless pleasure seekers more interesting. Keep Pinhead as well as some of the other Cenobites, and introduce new ones.

    Basically, stories that are new enough to be their own thing, but are inspired by the original canon. New new for reboot kids that know nothing about the original, but acknowledging that the originals do exist, and paying enough respect not to offend older fans. Basically, taking both new and old fans’ into consideration and not stepping on the toes of either.

    I’d actually do a similar thing for a NEW Nightmare on Elm Street reboot(not related to PD’s, though I’d probably cast Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy again, because I think he has potential). Years later, Freddy Krueger has become Springwood’s myth(like Michael Myers above). Basically approach it similar to a Creepypasta, kids start to discover Freddy after reading online transcripts from “The Nancy Thompson Tapes”, which were recorded when she was first interviewed after the events of the first movie’s. The transcripts describe some of her ordeal dealing with her friends being stalked and killed by a man in their dreams. It becomes a local sensation with the kids of Springwood, who think it’s cool that such a legend is connected to their small, uninteresting town, and they some of them tryt o seek out more information regarding this through urban exploration. Someone stirs something up and Freddy starts to appear in their dreams, killing them one by one.

    • divisionbell

      Yes…yes….and yes!!

    • Chris

      I always had a great idea for a nightmare remake. The thing I always loved about nightmare was that it really was about the sins of our parents even in Freddy’s case. Especially in his case if you think about it his mom was a nun and his dad 1 of 1,000 maniacs and which genes won? The bastards thats who! Anyway I would do an origin story that would start out with Fred living a normal life after years of abuse and he regularly goes to counseling. He works a dull job and isn’t really liked but isn’t really hated either he just kinda blends. As his life gets more and more banal he starts to have dreams about a little girl that increasingly get more and more violent. His dream alter-ego then starts crossing over to the real world as he starts to get more and more aggressive. The great scene would be when he actually sees the little girl in real life and he realizes when he looks in her eyes and sees the terror there that the dreams have been real all along. He eventually gives in to his nature and starts the killing spree. The parents kill him but he never killed that little girl in his dreams. When he dies, the little girl goes into a coma with Freddy locked in her mind and we find out that was Kirstens mom. And she possesses the ability to go into others dreams much like her daughter in part 3.

    • you should direct all of these movies haha best ideas and would probably lead to some of the best entries in these series’ we’ve seen in a while ha

  • Marty McFly

    If I remade Halloween I’d do everything in my power to not do what Rob Zombie did. I wouldn’t cast every person as white trash long haired douche bags. I wouldn’t show so much of Michael’s home life, because I think the less you know the better in Michael’s case, it’s scarier when you don’t know how his child life was, instead you pick up where he snaps.

    I’m not a Hellraiser fan.

    • Chris

      I agree I really hated what he did to Halloween. Part of Michael’s creepiness was the emotionless way in which he did things. As well as how the camera shots were set. The shot was always kind of imitating Michael in a way distant and cold and unflinching. Not the aggressive fast cuts we seen in Rob’s Halloween. And really all he has is the hillbilly thing and it’s more then tiresome.

    • Jadama

      Then obviously this article is not meant for you…!

  • Slampig

    If I could remake Halloween or Hellraiser… I would start by hiring a mediocre rock star to direct. Then let’s see… If the bad guy didn’t talk, I would have him talk, and if he DID talk I would have him shut the hell up. I would make sure to have at least 40 minutes set aside to set up the backstory for my main character and I would make sure the kid playing him didn’t have too much acting experience. And unicorns, lots of unicorns.

  • FreddyKrueger13

    Halloween doesn’t need a remake just make a sequel to Robs. Now on to Hellraiser I would simply cast Doug Bradley, keep it as close to original as I can, and add some action this time around.

  • Nothing333

    I don’t know. Personally I’m sick of studios milking beloved horror icons. It’s been 20 to 30 years and it’s pathetic that we haven’t had a relatively recent group of films that jump start a new franchise. Like maybe Saw would qualify but seriously that’s about it. Think about it.

    • morehorror4me

      Agree, with much sadness.

    • zog71

      I’m not necessarily tired of studios making movies of horror icons, just tired of them trying to tell their story over again. No need for reboots anymore, just sequels to continue the stories. As for jump starting new franchises, do you believe there are any good ideas out there?

  • russellg79

    I would enjoy a film devoted to the rest of the year and how Michael Myers blends into society. Does he snap back to normal like the wolfman once Halloween comes and goes? Does he have a job, family, mortgage? Do his powers weaken altogether only to return in the autumn? It would be something that would satisfy both hardcore and casual fans. The climax of the movie would be the big lead up to fall season and how the classic villian begins to emerge for Halloween. Would others begin to notice this change and are they in on the coverup? Endless possibilities.

  • russellg79

    If Hellraiser is remade, it had better be true to the book and not worry about getting an NC-17 rating.

    • Seal_Clubber

      I could not agree more. “Hellraiser” has so many themes and possibilities to explore. Very fertile ground …

  • Belokk

    Personally, I’d like to see a remake of Season of the Witch. There is potential in that movie succeeding as being something much different. They could also tie in what was going on inside of Michael’s head while he was in the coma between Halloween 2 and Halloween 4 if they were to take it that far.

  • Sinjunsmythe

    I would bring back Jamie Lee Curtis, have her return to Haddonfield, and as an added cool bonus- film it in the same locations as the very first film. How awesome would that be!

  • That_One_Guy

    I couldn’t imagine having the task of remaking Halloween. It is so close to a perfect horror film that it would near impossible to improve on it. Hellraiser is a movie that actually has room for improvement. I would prefer doing a sequel and just adding some fresh air to the franchise.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    I think the formula for a modern rehashing of classic genre films is simple. 1. Stick to the original content. 2. Modify it slightly with a modern twist. 3. Up the violence, to today’s genre standard (but don’t over do it) 3. Maintain an atmosphere that made the originals classics, keep it tense, dark, and unforgiving. 4. PRACTICAL EFFECTS. NOT CGI. 5. Take advice/production tips from genre “experts”. BONUS. Do it for the love of the horror genre and not big budget studio money. The “classics” were all done on relatively low, independent budgets.

    • EvilHead1981

      I have to agree. The “Take advice/production tips from genre experts” should include getting feedback from the original directors/writers”. Enough of this “making it our OWN” arrogant upstart bullshit that everybody’s parading about. Fuck Hollywood and their asshat hubris, pay a little respect because it can go a long way. Show that this project is more out of love for the franchise than “Look at me, I can do soooo much better than the older ones!”. I could never understand how these movies tend to end up in the hands of directors who’s egos are soooo damn big, you can see them from space. It’s sickening. Not saying it’s not good to have your own idea, but be open. If you want to just fuckin “do your own thing” without advice from anybody else, just fuckin’ do an original movie, not a reboot of existing material. Just fuckin DO IT! Seriously, people can’t do it, they should just swallow their fuckin pride, deflate their egos and try to be as respectful as possible. Nobody likes a douchbag.

    • divisionbell

      Amen to that!!!!

  • Trinity

    I definitely love Halloween way more because it’s really a classic an has still the magic everytime you watch it.But with Doug Bradley maybe I would do rather a Hellrasier film.

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    “we have such sights to show you…” :]

  • BryanWard71

    Its simple make the next movie through michaels eyes like the beginning sequence of the original halloween. To me that was the scariest part of all the movies. If ya want to bring scary back then do it like this!!

  • Deadamongmen

    Taking Halloween back to its roots. The idea of what happens between 2 and four is brilliant. Give this franchise to Ti West! Hellraiser would be cool to trace the steps of the box to Elliot Spencer. SO many possibilities with the Hellraiser franchise. A short list of dream directors for this franchise for me would be, ALex Proyas, Marry Harron or ( i know it would never happen ) Katherine Bigelow.

    • Aaron Emery

      Ti West! Yes!

    • divisionbell

      Oh man what I wouldn’t give to see Ti West take this on!!

  • cjames

    Well I think Rob Zombie did what I would have done. I’d leave it as is. I’m an indie filmmaker myself and would love to tackle a HellRaiser re-make. My writings have been quoted as off the wall(By a shrink). I know I’d bring sheer terror to a HellRaiser film re-make. PinHead would be a great character to play around with. But I’m an indy filmmaker and the studios seem to like using washed up talent who tend to water re-makes down so they can make more money by letting the younger audience’s in. But I’d have one Hell of a blast with HellRaiser.

  • flesheater24

    I would just improve on what makes the old ones amazing them into update settings. Feature no stupid bimbos, good gore, and make it very scary and real, like this could actually happen. I’ll deff make pinhead really menacing and darker then ever, I want him to be a crazy as fuck villan, feature some insanely deaths. Same with halloween, like I’ll do a remake but also make it as a stand alone film kind of want to do what no one else has done and make it for a new generation. Thats all.

  • Evan3

    First off… HALLELUJAH! So happy to hear Platinum Dunes won’t crap all over the Halloween and Hellraiser franchises like they did with F13 and especially NOES. The less Bay the better.

    Anyways, with Hellraiser – let’s go down into hell. I think the later sequels delved there a bit, but lets have a cool journey through the Cenobites’ home-turf.

    Otherwise, lets turn to the comics that Clive Barker is doing now where Kristi becomes a cenobite, it is great stuff.

    As for Halloween – the only thing I would like is for them to take the original tact of not sticking Meyers in every film.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I would take Michael back to his roots. He’s pure evil. He’s not some kid who was abused. That’s what was so creepy about the original Halloween; he came from a good family and he went fucking insane. Loomis shot him 6 times, fell two stories, and walked away like nothing happened. “Purely and simply… evil.” Nothing more to say.

    • bmac0130

      you couldn’t be anymore right Thunderdragoon! i’ve been arguing this for years…leaving my comment at the top….

      • bmac0130

        at the bottom i should say…

  • late2myownFUNeral

    If I could remake Halloween, I wouldn’t do it for at least 6 years (just to tie in with the 40th anniversary), but more like 26 years. The original was such a classic, even though the sequels started to dwindle as the years went on. The main things to remember are KISS and you have to find a memorable person for Dr. Loomis.

    As far as Hellraiser goes, I don’t think its true potential was ever tapped. Plus, I know it sounds weird but I think it’d be a lot easier now to not only push for a hard “R” but also easy to promote it with sites such as this one (Red band trailer).

    • Anna

      Great Idea waiting till the 40th!

  • jkatt

    Hellraiser, there’s lots of room with todays’ advanced tech. to remake this properly (with a big budget of course!)

  • Big_J

    Wait… Hold the hell on… Am i the only one upset that the new Chucky Movie is going direct to video??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

    • divisionbell

      No don’t be. It’s a sequel to the already horrible direction the series took. Son of Chucky was such painful garbage I could care less about a sequel. Here is a series that could use a reboot if there was one (Hellraier and Halloween aside). Modern technology should make for an amazing Child’s Play!

  • Joeman

    ^I’m just happy they’re not remaking Childs Play.

    Honestly, I would would like to see a franchise grow some balls and get back to the original series and do it right to make the big screen.

    I would make a sequel to Halloween: Resurrection and re-invent Michael Myers. You can give Halloween the same look in a sequel as you can in a remake. Why not tell a new story instead of the same one we heard already.

  • DrJohnMan

    My heart says to reboot Halloween.

    My head says to go for Hellraiser.

    Zombie took a stab at Halloween, and with it so fresh in everyone’s mind, another reboot probably won’t draw high in the box office, even if it was good.

    It’s just flat out time for Pinhead to return. The gore audience had their cup of blood with Jigsaw and those copycat Saw movies.

    It’s time for Pinhead to show ’em all how it’s done.

    The Priest: “You’ll burn in hell for this!”

    Pinhead: “Burn? Oh, such a limited imagination!”

    I would reboot Hellraiser.

  • undertaker78

    Even though Halloween and Hellraiser are two of my favorite movies I would much rather see a Jeepers Creepers 3, 28 Months Later, or a Candyman 4.

  • Chance_X74

    I don’t think anyone would be interested in watching Myers in a coma for two hours, because that’s what was going on with him between Halloween II and 4.

    However, if Clive Barker ever gets his Scarlet Gospels book finished, I’d love to see them get Doug Bradley and Scott Bakula for an adaptation. The only thing is that Clive isn’t going with the movie continuity and that’s not a bad thing.

    That would be my idea: It would serve to offer up a film that brings Hellraiser back to its roots as a quasi-reboot (neither confirming or denying anything post Hellbound) as well as the follow up to Lord of Illusions that never came to fruition.

  • there would be none of that backstory bullshit. i think Rob Zombie lived up to his name by robbing us of just a psychopath for no reason, and instead giving him this stupid messed up childhood. Michael Meyers is scary because he was JUST evil. No explanation needed. Not because his mom was a whore. Or his stepdad beat him. He was just evil. ‘Nuff said.

    I would also cut out all these goth emo kids. Rooney Mara’s ‘Nancy’? I wanted her to die. These are not typical people like the originals were. They were just fun teens who had sex, did drugs, etc. Now, in all the horror remakes, they have this whole “Life is pain” vibe going on, so there’s no reaction when they are killed. I could’ve cared less. When Nancy was killed in part 3, I was shocked. That was NANCY. In this one? Every single one of them could’ve died a death 100x more horrible than the ones they actually had, and I still wouldn’t have cared.

    • EvilHead1981

      I think the general problem with horror characters nowadays compared to them in the past is that they try to make them as most extreme into whatever they are into. If they do drugs, they HAVE to be heavy stoner types. If the chicks like having sex, they have to be crazy nymphomaiacs. If they drink, they have to be hard liquor pounding/step-away-from-liver-damge. I forgot what podcast I heard, but it DOES seem like they do that type of stuff to get a “Hell yeah!” type reaction from the audience, which is stupid in itself. It’s just a fleeting expression. You rarely see, well, realistic portrayals of teens. I felt the older movies were more realistic, only because they didn’t stress they were doing. Sex was casual, drinking was casual, as was doing drugs. You didn’t announce it to everybody. In real life, you wanna drink a beer, you just fuckin do it, you don’t say, “Aw fuckin yeah, I’m gonna drink a FUCKIN BEER!!” to everybody to get a reaction. You just do it. Wanna smoke a joint, just do it. To portray realism(what sense of realism you can include in a fictional world), just tone down expression and make such things more casual.

      The same can actually be said about clique types. Everybody’s rushing to make a stereotype as MUCH a stereotyep as possible. Jocks have to be ultra-jocks, losers have to be ultra-losers, goths have to be ultra-goths and so on. I guess my point is there’s no subtly. Look back at all the originals, Halloween, Hellraiser, even A Nightmare on Elm Street. The characters were more subtle, more realistic. They weren’t over extremely stereotyped. They were realistically casual. Nowadays, it seems like you can’t hold the audience’s attention unless you are showing glaring extreme personalities, which might be true or just the movie industry looking down on the general public.

  • Evil_Flip

    It’s about time these ‘filmmakers’ had the balls to make something on their own, instead of cashing in of classics. And if you are indeed such a lazy bum you can’t make something up yourself remake a movie that doesn’t work and make it work.

  • What a surprise that the Weinstein’s are holding off on horror franchises. They let “Cabin in the Woods” sit for 2 years without release, and they still haven’t released “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”. While I admit they are good, they have become way to powerful in the hollywood community and need to be brought back down to earth.

  • Krug09

    I would make two more great Halloween movies and make it end on a high note. Make Michael Myers The Shape again from the original series. Base the new movies off of that concept but have all new characters. No rehashes. Maybe even no haddenfield. New setting but have the idea that Michael is a myth to the people in this new city and town. Also he was scarier as a normal size person not a 7 foot tall monster. The scary thing was he could take off his mask and blend in with society.

  • TwistedCritic

    Well I’m glad Platinum Dunes isn’t handling these (for now), seeing how they brought back Friday and Nightmare (both with extremely mixed results) only to pretty much abandon them. It’s probably too soon to reboot Halloween, but it can be done. And it’s better than trying to continue where Rob Zombie left off, which seems to be what Lussier & Farmer would’ve attempted to do. It’s best to just leave the two Rob Zombie movies as the “bad 1985” (Back to the Future II analogy, anyone?) of the Halloween franchise.

    And really, what’s with the direct-to-video Chucky sequel? I thought the plan was to reboot it but keep Brad Dourif?

  • The original Hellraiser story along with the original Halloween are so unique and well written that no matter what you put out, it can only be second best. Therefore I cannot even begin to come up with any ideas.

    If I HAD too I guess, for Hellraiser I would definitely explore the origin of the cenobites and put them on earth creating the apocalypse, or interfering with the apocalypse. One of the comics has an interesting story; it is of some obese tattooed centobite that uses his skin as a scroll or text and some other new cenobite has his eyes sown open. It deals with a courtroom and some sort of sentencing in hell. Obviously I don’t remember that story all that well but I think using that in a hellraiser film would be interesting.

    Halloween, not sure.

    • Melissa Mortiis

      Yes, exactly!

    • Chance_X74

      That was Praetor Abatur, the Cenobite Judge, in the Devil’s Brigade storyline which was the aftermath of the Jihad storyline that found a select group of Cenobites (representing order) declaring was against the Nightbreed (representing chaos) against Leviathan’s Wishes. Pinhead refused to appear for his tribunal which led to Abatur declaring him traitor and ordered his execution. It didn’t end well for him when Pinhead was found to be the “Favored One”.

      It was an interesting story, but it kind of needs the lead in of the unsanctioned attack on the Nightbreed to stand which would make for a bit of a thematic problem.

    • Chance_X74

      That was Praetor Abatur, the Cenobite Judge, in the Devil’s Brigade storyline which was the aftermath of the Jihad storyline that found a select group of Cenobites (representing order) declaring war against the Nightbreed (representing chaos) against Leviathan’s Wishes. Pinhead refused to appear for his tribunal which led to Abatur declaring him traitor and ordered his execution. It didn’t end well for him when Pinhead was found to be the “Favored One”.

      It was an interesting story, but it kind of needs the lead in of the unsanctioned attack on the Nightbreed to stand which would make for a bit of a thematic problem.

  • Melissa Mortiis

    I definitely wouldn’t remake the original Hellraiser. In my opinion it’s a pretty perfect film. I would indulge into the Cenobytes’ pasts, though, about how they accumulated to be. I wouldn’t go near remaking any part of it; just go off into another section of it, there’s lots that could be ventured into. I’d dread if a remake came out, especially if the typical ‘action’ is added into it, which usually chases away suspense and fear.

  • Flash-Over

    With a Halloween remake, I’d like to see two things:
    1. Laurie having no relation to Michael, therefore bringing us back “The Shape” with no method behind it’s madness.
    2. NO Loomis character…I know that he was essential in the original, but the residents of Haddonfield would be pretty much fucked if Loomis wasn’t around to play cat and mouse.

  • but-sir-the-piranha

    this is a rhetorical question, right?

  • VictorCrowley

    I agree with a lot of what EvilHead1981 said.

    Adding a couple more ideas for Halloween, I would highly emphasize on building suspense and a type of creepy atmosphere that made the original work so well. That film stands the test of time because it continues to frighten audiences with simple logic and exploitation of our natural fears. It didn’t rely on cheap jump scares triggered by sudden loud noises, nor did it use over the top gore to cover up lack of atmosphere and plot (because there was plenty of both). The score was haunting and unsettling. It added a crucial element to the film that none of the sequels could match.

    Some of the Halloween movies since ’78 have tried to duplicate Carpenter’s suspense, and for me it all came off contrived and ineffective. It was like they were trying to be like the original, whereas the original wasn’t trying to be like anything (which is why it worked). Nick Castle was told to put on the mask and ‘just walk around’. This is the thing that sets him apart from everyone else who played the role. All the other ‘Michaels’ employed more of a robotic character that came off too stoic. For me, one of the main things that makes the original Michael so scary is the fact that with his movements and mannerisms it’s easy to imagine a real person under the mask doing these things as opposed to some supernatural monster with no conscience just simply going through the motions. This keeps the reality line from getting too blurred and prevents the movie from becoming unbelievable.

    One thing I did like about RZ’s Halloween (ducks) was the kills. I love how Michael was menacing and relentless and the cast didn’t beat him up like in some of the previous sequels. In most cases, if Michael saw you, it was your ass. This restored the respect level the audience felt toward the character. Respect that had been torn out by some of the sequels. Characters approaching Michael, almost joking with him, and getting in several hits before he finally killed them didn’t work for me. Any time I saw him on screen (especially in Resurrection) I didn’t have any sense of urgency or anxiety for the cast (partly because I couldn’t wait for most of them to die). In RZ’s remake, no one stood a chance except the final heroine which is how it should be. Someone finally standing up to the antagonist at the end means nothing if most of the cast has already done it. Gotta keep certain elements of the genre in perspective.

    I would focus on these things the most as I brainstormed the next movie. Suspense, unsettling atmosphere/score, make Michael badass but not too robotic. Keep him human but add a little mystery. Watching him do what he does works so much better when we don’t know why he’s doing it. No white trash upbringing, no Thorn curse. Keep his ultimate motive unknown.

    Oh, and I almost forgot — keep the heroine pure and innocent. Make us care about her. I could not wait for Scout Compton’s Laurie to die in RZ’s Halloween films. She was ditzy, stupid, and evoked no sympathy. Jamie Lee Curtis on the other hand — to this day when I see ’78 Halloween I’m like “SHIT!! RUN, GIRL!!!!”

    Stuff like that.

  • mav07

    RZ’s version is just that, HIS FUCKING VERSION. So leave it alone and move on. You can’t make a sequel to his because his was grounded in reality and his Myers was mortal. Not some stupid zombie.

    I’m a huge Halloween fan, but i’m a fan of good storytelling and filmmaking first. There is NO reason to remake this film again other than for MONEY. RZ came out with his take on the story and I loved “most” of it because he didn’t just copy the original. and the studio/fans got 2 new Halloween films out of it. That ship has sailed folks. Why on earth would they “remake” it again other than for money? Look at whats happening with Spiderman. The studio was going to lose the rights if they didn’t continue to make Spiderman films, so they “remade” it. AND IT WAS THE SAME FUCKING MOVIE AS THE ORIGINAL JUST WITH A DIFFERENT VILLAIN.

    The only possibly way I see this franchise moving forward is if Rob Zombie were to somehow make a 3rd, but as I stated before, his Myers is fucking dead. So I will be alright with never watching another “new” Halloween again. Get over it, move on people!

    As for Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street, yeah they can go ahead and remake those because they got A LOT of shit wrong. I was disappointed with the Friday remake, and very fucking pissed with the Nightmare remake. The only thing that would have saved the Nightmare remake is if they actually used the whole “what if Freddy was innocent” angle that was rumored.

  • RichardMyers

    Firstly, I wouldn’t REMAKE “Halloween” it’s perfect the way it us. But I’d give it a sequel. My sequel would be called “Halloween: Evil Never Dies” and it would take place in Haddonfield in 2012. It would focus on Jamie Lloyd’s son who was born in H6 even though I really didn’t like H6 because I felt it ruined the franchise in a way, it gave us a new protagonist. Let’s say the son’s name is Steven and he is in high school now, and is having horrible nightmares about Micheal. I know in H6 they make it seem as if Micheal is the boy’s father, but let’s just say that is bullshit and make up our own way of Jamie becoming pregnant and kidnapped by the occult weirdos. So in my version it would pay homage to the original with original scores, remixed in ways and would have small amounts of blood and plenty of suspense. Micheal is back and he is after Steven, killing whoever is in his path. That is the main story line. There could be a big Halloween festival and have him take his neighbors sister out for trick or treating only to discover that the shape is back and is after him. It would sort of resemble Halloween 4 and 5 in the trick or treating story but also give us that old 70s-early 80s tone. I’d also have cameos by some of the original cast from Halloween, H2, H4 and h5. This is my dream Halloween sequel. 🙂

  • Lestat2k

    Halloween doesn’t need a remake. What it needs is a stand alone Halloween: title (like Halloween:Resurrection), with the Shape in full effect, outwith Haddonfield, high production values, emphasis on suspense, the original score and a bloody denoument coupled with a shocking twist/revelation.

    Hellraiser is due for a big budget remake before these rubbish low budget sequels destroy all the love. Get a talented director and high quality theatre trained British thesps in, a decent efffects house and a script that is faithful to Barker’s original novella and you have a winner.

    • mav07

      You’re joking, right?

  • Jadama

    Enough with remakes and re hashing old films… I have some good new ideas… I’m just not famous enough to sell them.

  • bolli-bolshevik

    Whilst I know it’ll never happen, I’d quite like them to round off the original ‘Halloween’ series with a film that links 1, 2, H20 and (shudder) Resurrection with 4 – 6. Reintroduce the survivors of both timelines, make it good and finish Michael off for good.

    It’ll never happen but I can dream…

    As for Hellraiser, leave it alone. The first two are classics and the third one is irritatingly enjoyable. After that they’re all dross and no remake would be able to match the peculiar mix of kitsch, satire and terror that the original achieved.

  • bmac0130

    john carpenter perfected the story on the first shot. everyone scrambles for a different twist on Michael, yet there’s nothing better than “the shape”, purely and simply evil, black eyes, the devil’s eyes. when we humanize the character we lose what we love about him…or it. the only way to restart halloween is going back to carpenters interpretation of who or what michael really is, and also the technique carpenter used. the filming technique with the creepy perception that michael is evil in a human body is the key combination! there’s no need to go crazy with story or michaels background, just give us the shape for what he really is and we will love it!!!!

  • matt.kimmel.9

    I’m actually watching the original Halloween right now and it is just a perfect movie that doesn’t really need anything done to it to make it better. If anything just an updated version with a cast of newer actors. What makes the original so scary is the randomness of Michael. He is purely an evil killing machine who picks Laurie Strode for the simple fact that she is the first girl he sees in Haddonfield when she drops the key off for her dad. She is the personification of what is good and moral and pure. And he is evil in a human form. The biggest mistake the franchise made was when they decided to make Laurie, Michael’s sister.

    As for a sequel, if we can suspend belief and not look at the fact that Michael would be pushing 60, I would like to we him getting back to his roots and stalking some young babysitter type. For a good link to the original it could be Lindsay Wallace’s daughter that Michael is after.

    Any way it happens I just hope they don’t make him into a seven foot monster again. A normal sized psycho seems way scarier to me. I just hope it happens soon as Michael is a character that I love seeing over and over.

  • BluWave

    idk I think and ( if it’s that we have total creative control) for hellraiser i’d do a whole 180! Meaning It is more of a mysterious origin story, it would be part of the original canon, but a Requal/ Pre-imaging) Also show more of hell, maybe the creator was a derange guy who had a god complex and wanted to be the ruler of heaven instead made one of five curse items, the other is the book of blood, (a not only a nod to another item by baker, but also a hint of a bigger universe) then it leads up with the box to the original film only its done a bit more emphisis to it and transplated to modren times.

  • bonerghost

    I’d start Halloween with people walking out of a theatre where the marquee says Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and all the kids are saying it was based off a true story. It basically leads back to where the first movie was the true story and no one has seen Michael after Loomis shot him off the balcony. Now the story picks up today where Loomis is dead, Laurie is old and has a family, and Michael is an afterthought that only comes to mind once a year and when a new movie comes out. What would cause Michael to come back after all these years? That’s where I’m not a writer.

  • Camp Killer

    If I were to remake Halloween (one of my favourite movies), honestly, I’d make it pretty similar to the original, like an updated version of the original. I’d keep Tyler Mane as Michael (he’s the biggest and most brutal of them all), but I would definitely skip the backstory!

    I don’t think anyone wants or need a backstory, like we got in Zombie’s 2007 version. We don’t want to know Michael’s origin. That is one of the things that makes him so scary. My version would be pretty true to the original, but still updated and adapted for the 21st century, with a slightly more brutal Michael.

  • brothergrimm

    I’d like to see both franchise get revamped completely, do something different.

  • EvilDeadAsh666

    that would be great only if done right, most remakes were horriable, had to much bad script, not enough of a plot, the org. of Halloween was classic, Rob Zombie did a great job overall on that made it real different. The story should cont. though. What about the char, from the last Halloween? And for the Hellrasier, that would be great, (even Wes was apart of the remake of the Hills have Eyes).

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Call me crazy, but I loved Zombie’s Halloween. I loved the sequel even more; Scout Taylor-Compton and Daniel Harris acted an original horror film based on the greatest horror franchise of all time.

    Hellraiser, by default. However, no Rob Zombie. Or Michael Bay.

  • xAshleyMariex

    Halloween is a perfect film i don’t think it should of been remade
    people should stop remaking movies and use their own minds people really aren’t creative anymore

  • MakeThisAMovies

    I’ll try to keep this quick. As an aspiring writer/director, Halloween is the one franchise I have always dreamt of having a hand in. So, I say what I am about to say in the ridiculous hope that some member of Dimension stumbles upon it and falls in love with the idea as much as I have. (Think about it, you can work me like a dog and pay me next to nothing)

    The pitch: Give the fans what they want. Open to Haddonfield on Halloween night. The Shape is roaming the streets, peering through windows, stalking his prey – a nubile teenage girl stuck babysitting on Halloween night. As The Shape slices his way through a couple of the girl’s friends, our babysitter calls the cops. (This is where I would like to maintain Brad Dourif’s Sheriff Brackett from the RZ films…that would be the only link to them while everything else would simply be left unmentioned and the film would stand as a sequel/reboot that could easily fall anywhere within the canon).

    Just before our Nubile Babysitter is to feel the pointy end of Michael’s butcher knife, the cops burst into the house blowing The Shape full of holes.

    ONE YEAR LATER…we find Michael is being kept locked up in a maximum security asylum. A pretty female psychiatrist has been put on his case, she becomes our new Loomis in a way. Michael escapes, the asylum goes on lock down, and let’s just say “the shit hits the fan.”

    So there ya go. I have almost the entire flick plotted in my head. I think it would be awesome. It would be a return to the suspenseful roots of the original (with a heavy dose of the original sequel’s intense chase/action scenes) while grounding the series with a fresh perspective.

  • MachetAY

    With both movie I would stick to one rule and thats not over expaining everything. Once you do that any movie icon loses its mystique.

    The original Halloween is a very unique movie in that its very simple and I think what I like best about JC’s Meyers is that you don’t overly understand why he’s turned into a killer. He kind of just kills his sister, shuts down and then picks that up again later. JC has said in interviews that MM is a symbol of evil. I would stick with that. Evil doesn’t need a reason, evil can lay dormant and evil can start up again. Something that I did like about the Zombie movie was that MM’s time at Smith Grove seemed to make him worse. I like that but I just think that Meyers should have been unresponsive to everything… taunting, kindness, poking, proding…. everything.

    As for Hellraiser, I would have liked to have seen a mix. Something like The 9th Gate, meets 7even, meets Martyrs. There’s a great story hiding there in finding the box, what you have to do and where you have to go to get it. Then once you have it should become a peronal movie about a character. “Angels to some” should be explored and be a dompletely mind f*** movie.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Okay, so this is pretty old, but I have to give my thoughts. Here’s my take on Halloween, similar to many of the posts here.

    1. Bring the true Shape back, the “purely and simply evil” Michael with no lame backstory of a fucked up childhood.

    2. Do away with the sibling angle: no relation between Michael and Laurie.

    3. Bring back the suspense, but in keeping with modern times, get a little more creative with the kills. Not “Saw” crazy, but at least more than a bunch of throat slashings.

    4. Make it actually LOOK like Halloween, orange leaves, pumpkins, costumed children, decorations, etc. “Trick r Treat” did a great job depicting the Halloween season.

    5. Good characters. Not the boring ones we got in the remake. Laurie was annoying and her friends were such bitches that I don’t believe for a second they would actually be friends with the version of Laurie in the film. The dialogue seemed so forced, it was like they had nothing real to say to one another. And along with Michael, take Dr. Loomis back to his roots and find a great actor to portray the character.

    Hellraiser, on the other hand, is so unique that I wouldn’t really know what to do with it. It would take a lot of thought to come up with something as unique and interesting as the original. With Halloween, simple is better, but Hellraiser’s story is very complex, so I’m not sure.

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