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Pre-order ‘Resident Evil 6’ From The Capcom Store For A Very Special Umbrella



Don’t you just hate it when it starts raining and you realize you’ve left your raggedy ass umbrella at home? If you say you haven’t been in this position than you’re full of lies. All of us have gone through this, and it always ends with us taking the wet walk of shame back to our homes to pick up that pathetic excuse for an umbrella we leave tucked away in the darkest corner of the deepest closet. I say we all stand together and kick those crappy umbrellas to the curb so we can replace them with umbrellas that just ooze sex. It just so happens the pre-order bonus you get when you reserve Resident Evil 6 from the Capcom store is a very special Umbrella Corp. umbrella (it’s different from, and I dare say better than the one they’re currently selling individually). With this umbrella you can stand tall. Rain will fear you, hail will try its best to strike elsewhere, and snow will melt in terror, falling harmlessly against it. Oh, and that person you’ve had your eye on? Yeah, he/she will definitely finally notice you and immediately run to your side so they can stand underneath your newly acquired defense against the elements.

Feast your eyes on the custom Umbrella umbrella below, and if it tickles your fancy you can head over to the Capcom store to pre-order the game. They have a limited supply, so I suggest you act fast before all the other hungry geeks steal them all.

different from one they have in their store now

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