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Review: ‘Hellraiser’ #16

Since the new “Hellraiser” series began, the battle lines have been drawn, the mighty leaders have translocated, and the balance between good and evil has been obliterated. Kirsty is now all alone and has to make a large sacrifice, and the world of Hell is still calling Elliot Spencer. The universe wants them both back in their rightful places. Now is the time for reckoning.

WRITTEN BY: Clive Barker & Mark Miller
ART BY: Janusz Ordon and Stephen Thompson
RELEASE: July 25th

Issue #16 of “Hellraiser” is entirely composed of setting up for the almighty shit-storm that is going to be the next issue. Project Heaven’s Reply is in full swing and preparing for the impending wreckage, while Kirsty Cotton and Elliot Spencer attempt to take their rightful places in their respective dimensions. The universe is slowly imploding from the inside out, and soon (as always), all Hell is going to break loose. There’s a lot going on, but not a lot that can be described without entirely ruining what’s to come. It’s building up for what could possibly be the best issue of “Hellraiser” that anyone’s ever seen.

I sound like a broken record when I say that every issue gets better and better, but it’s true. And we’re going on 16 issues. If this series gets into triple-digit issues (which is a possibility at the rate it’s going), we’ll probably have to read with paramedics on standby because we’ll all be at risk for “badassery” attacks.

The art in this issue is, not surprisingly, just as fantastic as every preceding issue. The fantastic artists that have contributed such beautiful scenes of horror and destruction in the past have returned to help make this issue stylistically stunning. Hellraiser’s traditionally realistic drawing style and dark color palette do not disappoint. The final panels, with the blinding LED-blue against the ink-black sky, give me chills.

Barker and Miller and their team have once again provided us with a kick-ass issue of “Hellraiser”. However, the next issue marks a new arc, which means that it’s probably going to be the most mind-blowing issue yet. Any fan of the franchise that hasn’t picked up this comic yet is missing out on the most epic revival of any large-scale horror series. Clive Barker has restored the intricate mythology of “Hellraiser”, and now Kirsty and Spencer are literally about to rock the world.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Kaity McAllister



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