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Charlaine Harris Speaks On Syfy’s “Grave Sight” Adaptation!



For those hoping to see another TV show based on the work of Charlaine Harris very soon, the author has a piece of advice for you: “take a deep breath”. Harris – who is best known for penning “The South Vampire Mysteries,” which is the basis for hit “True Blood” – was recently in Australia for a series of “True Blood” conventions and sat down with BD’s Aussie correspondent Maria Lewis.

Earlier this year it was announced her Harper Connelly Series would be getting the small screen treatment in a new show titled “Grave Sight.” Syfy picked up the option after a failed attempt from CBS. The news caused much excitement amongst fans as the novels are Harris’ most popular behind the Sookie-centered ones and have already been made into a successful graphic novel by Dynamite Entertainment.

But the wordsmith is keeping her own excitement in check.

So far it’s all just theoretical,” she says.

We had previous option from CBS that came to nothing and its been picked up by Syfy now, so I’ll believe it when I see it on the screen.

I have a fantastic screenwriter in Pam Miller and she has been fabulous through the many stages of development and spear-heading this project through various meetings.

I’ll takes a deep breath and see what happens.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Grave Sight is the first of four novels that follow Harper Connelly: a young women who was struck by lightning and now has the ability to sense dead bodies and relive their last moments. She and her stepbrother Tolliver travel America solving crimes and assisting in police investigations.

For those hoping for another melodramatic supernatural fest like True blood, Harris says to check yourself before you wreck yourself as Grave Sight is taking a grittier approach “more grounded in reality“. Rest assured, there will still be gore. Dealing with everything from serial killers to suburban murderers, Harris says if Grave Sight gets to the small screen there will definitely be splatter – albeit not of the OTT True Blood variety.

There will be some special effects, but not of the same kind used in True Blood,” she says.

This is more crime based.” – @moviemazz


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