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Preview: ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9’ #12

The fate of future Buffy comics is uncertain at this point, but the threads of season 9 are starting to intertwine as several storylines are now weaving together. As season 9 draws nearer to its end, you can expect a lot of twists and turns, and,of course, loads of demon ass kicking from the original slayer.

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Chambliss
ART BY: Georges Jeanty and Nathan Massengill
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: August 8th

By working for Deepscan—the company that recruits Slayers as bodyguards—Buffy thought she would disengage herself from the world of demons and garner a more significant income, to boot. While the income may get her closer to paying off pesky student loans, the demony population is closer to her than ever, thanks to her first client. Buffy, under the tutelage of a disgruntled and heartbroken Kennedy, has her work cut out for her and is forced to call on the honorable Eldre Koh for help, culminating in a little demon-on-demon violence.



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