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Looks Like ‘Resident Evil 6’ Will Have A Fifth “Prelude” Scenario

This has been a crazy couple of days for Resident Evil fans. First, we heard about a fourth campaign featuring Ada Wong, then the exciting new Agent Hunt mode was unveiled, and now it looks like Resident Evil 6 will bring with it not four, but five different campaigns. Dubbed the “Prelude”, essentially nothing is known about it right now. Between the five scenarios and the two competitive modes (Agent Hunt and Mercenaries), Capcom is boasting a 50 hour run-time to get through everything the game has to offer. Seeing as it was possible to fly through RE5 in a paltry three hours, this is good news. Let’s toss around our theories after the jump!

At first, it sounds like this could be a tutorial, one that possibly sets the stage for the epic main stories that are the Leon, Chris, and Jake scenarios, but having a separate scenario dedicated to such a thing sounds like a waste of time.

There’s also the fact that Sheva was mentioned in the Resident Evil 6 demo files, so bringing her back is something I’d fully support. RE5 might not have been the best game in the series, but Sheva as a character is one of the best new faces the series has introduced in quite some time, so I wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to kick ass with her again.

I think my favorite theory so far is something a Gamefaqs user posted, detailing a potential redo of the final chapters of the RE5 campaign with the revamped controls that would give us newcomers some backstory on the relationship between Chris and Wesker as well as explain Sheva’s presence in the demo files. I don’t necessarily want to go through the same RE5 scenarios again, but a brief summation with some new content would be nice.

There’s always the chance that Capcom hasn’t even begun to show how dedicated they are to making this the best game–almost a bundle at this point–in the series, and the Prelude scenario is actually a fully playable compilation of every installment in the main series so far, fully remastered, so newcomers and longtime fans alike can have the ultimate guide to everything that’s gone in the Resident Evil fiction so far. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

What would you like to see from this mysterious Prelude scenario?

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