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Top 25 Guitar Riffs That Make You NEED To Headbang: 15-11

We’ve come to the halfway point in BD’s Top 25 Guitar Riffs That Make You NEED To Headbang. If you’re not caught up with the list so far, check out 25-21 here and 20-16 here. Then, if your neck isn’t too sore, make it on down below for the next five riffs!

Static-X – “Push It”
Album: Wisconsin Death Trip
Start of the riff: 0:13

This riff is so simple and yet so perfectly heavy and intense. Everything in the song is built to make the rhythm of this riff infectious and, damn, it works like a charm!

At The Gates – “World Of Lies”
Album: Slaughter Of The Soul
Start of the riff: 0:17

After this riff gestates over a near tribal, percussive beat, the cymbals come in and everything comes together into a riff that helped shape modern melodic death metal. Tomas Lindberg’s howl of “GO!” is a thrusting point for headbangers around the world to unite. Man, I love this album!

BattlecrossPursuit Of Honor
Start of the riff: 1:14

The boys from Detroit get themselves a nod on this list with this riff. Melodic yet fast-paced, it’s one sexy riff.

Strapping Young Lad – “Love?”
Album: Alien
Start of the riff: 0:52

So evil. So heavy. So Devin Townsend. Need I really explain this riff further? Hit ‘Play’ and be prepared to move that head of yours.

Lamb of God – “Set To Fail”
Album: Wrath
Start of the riff: 0:19

After a frantic buildup, this riff comes crashing down with the trademark LoG groove-meets-furiosity. Two devil horns way up high on this one.

Tune in tomorrow for riffs 10-6!

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  • Archgoat

    Not sure I agree with a lot of these choices. I think Celtic Frost Procreation of the Wicked should be #1.

    • Jonathan Barkan

      We’re not at #1 yet 😉

  • J-MAN28

    SYL. Gotta love that rockin’ riff.

  • porcupinetheater

    It was awesome seeing some love for SYL and Hevy Devy.

  • G0atR1der

    You should listen to ” The path of least resistence” by
    Scar Symmetry of “Pitch Black Progress”
    The songs starts up good already, but the riff at 0:23 is pretty much killer \m/

  • How about Black star from Carcass – you’d probably dig the riffing on that.