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[Random Cool] Awesome Fan-Made Riddler Film Set In The Nolan Bat-verse!

Now that Nolan and Bale are done their run on Batman, it’s hard to imagine who will be next to handle the Caped Crusader on the big screen. Dark Knight fan and indie filmmaker, Bryan Nest, has created a 15-minute short, titled “Puppet Master”, which expands on Nolan’s universe, and features infamous Bat-villains such as, Riddler, Zsasz, and one who shall remain unnamed (just watch it!).

The short takes place in between the second and third films where Batman is a wanted criminal for the murder of Harvey Dent. Gotham P.D. turns to Special Agent Edward Nigma, a man they don’t fully understand, in an effort to catch the Batman. It looks and feels much like the “Dark Knight” trilogy (albeit an indie version), and it’s well worth a watch. Check it after the break.

Check out more details on their website.




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