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[Random Cool] Awesome Fan-Made Riddler Film Set In The Nolan Bat-verse!

Now that Nolan and Bale are done their run on Batman, it’s hard to imagine who will be next to handle the Caped Crusader on the big screen. Dark Knight fan and indie filmmaker, Bryan Nest, has created a 15-minute short, titled “Puppet Master”, which expands on Nolan’s universe, and features infamous Bat-villains such as, Riddler, Zsasz, and one who shall remain unnamed (just watch it!).

The short takes place in between the second and third films where Batman is a wanted criminal for the murder of Harvey Dent. Gotham P.D. turns to Special Agent Edward Nigma, a man they don’t fully understand, in an effort to catch the Batman. It looks and feels much like the “Dark Knight” trilogy (albeit an indie version), and it’s well worth a watch. Check it after the break.

Check out more details on their website.



  • Jasonicus

    Fan films suck. This is no exception.

    • atheistatic

      I have to say that was pretty kick ass…

  • if you watch this with an open mind and not an opinoin based off of nolans films, it is rather genius. A huge fan of nolan and batman obviously made it with great detail and “dark and real” like nolan has done. so for that i give A+

    i am not ashamed to say i would totally watch this if it had another hour and 30 minutes attached to it.

    good stuff.

    • Lonmonster

      Fully agree. I would absolutely watch more of this.

  • Snoogans

    Damn. This is one of the best made fan films I’ve ever seen.

  • Canucklehead

    Liked this better than DKR

  • Murdock408

    ugh the acting though
    the guy playing the Riddler and the guy playing Zsasz seemed like carbon copies of Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow/Crane, however whoever played the ventriloquist was pretty good
    Batman though hahaha
    Sorry but ‘Dirty Laundry’ still has my vote for best fan film

    • Lonmonster

      I wouldn’t really call ‘Dirty Laundry’ a fan film.

  • TheWalkingFlat

    THIS isn´t a FanFilm. They just want us to believe it is.
    I guarantee its from some kind of FilmStudents in cooperation with some cheap actors…
    Anyway…the Picture and the Talks r okay but the Cuts are horrible. In the Fight Scenes it feels like an 90year old has cutted the scenes…too slow in my opinion.
    Nice try – nothin more

    • Lonmonster

      Why isn’t a film student working with cheap actors a fan film? That’s exactly what most fan films are.

      • TheWalkingFlat

        Maybe i have other opinion. For me it is not a fan film because for the students it is work. They done it because they needed a Film for the Study.
        A FanFilm for me is a film someone has done just for the fun and love to some movies or Actors or Franchises they like.
        I dont say that im right with my opinion but this is the way i see it 🙂

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