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THR Spoils ‘Scary Movie 5’ Opening In News Title…

Without any regard for the fans, The Hollywood Reporter ruined the opening sequence in Dimension Films’ forthcoming Scary Movie 5 in their headline.

Giving you fair warning, the title reveals that the “Scary Movie 5 Opener Kills Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan.” Thanks, personally I would have enjoyed being surprised.

Sheen and Lohan will plays what is being described by the studio as “the world’s hottest new couple” and be killed in the opening sequence of the movie.

In an homage to Scream, each Scary Movie has thrust a celebrity or two into its opening just to kill them in over-the-top ways. Sheen and Lohan will join Pamela Anderson, Shaq and Dr. Phil, among others, into the pantheon of the dead.

Terry Crews, who is part of the all-star cast of The Expendables, has also joined the production.

Ashley Tisdale and Erica Ash are starring the latest movie, directed by Malcolm Lee and co-written and produced by comedy legend David Zucker. The movie is due to begin shooting September with an eye towards an April 19, 2013 release.



  • Lol, wow. Way to drop the ball, THR.

  • *Spoiler Alert* But Charlie Sheen already died at the start of Scary Movie 4.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Oh good. Glad he dies right away. And I love Terry Crews so I’m glad he’s a part of this now.

  • Evil_Flip

    That’s why, as soon as I decided to see a certain movie, I stop watching/reading trailers/articles/interviews/etc. for some reason they think spoiling stuff is the way to go when it comes to marketing. That’s also why I gave up reading fangoria. Not always on purpose, but way to often I would read in an interview how much some actor loved doing his/her death scene. Thanks a lot. Even with the new hype where they do trailers for the trailer. What the fuck is up with that?

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