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Eagle One Media Delivers Unreleased 2002 J-horror ‘Alter Ego’

Eagle One Media is heading back to 2002 and delivering Issei Shibata’s Alter Ego, a J-horror feature that was made during the prime. The only question is as to whether it’s good or not, and the indication that it’s never been released, well…

Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On franchise, 7500) is “supervising director” with Nobuko Sakuma, Sena and Chieko Kawabe all starring.

Set in an urban Japanese city, three young models are on their first fashion shoot at an abandoned and deserted school. Without warning strange events begin occurring that causes the models and photo crew to question their sanity as one by one they begin dying an agonizing and painful death. Deaths seemingly caused by none other than themselves.

Eagle One Media has yet to reveal a release date.




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