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‘Solomon Kane’ Swings His Sword To Theaters This September

Updated with three new images: I absolutely hated Michael J. Bassett’s Solomon Kane when I caught its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival a few years back (2009 to be exact). Now, after multiple San Diego Comic-Con appearances, it appears the James Purefoy starrer is finally getting a U.S. release via The Weinstein Company’s new division Radius.

Having screened at the convention this past July, it was announced that Solomon Kane will do battle with evil on VOD August 24 before opening in limited theaters September 28.

The character of Solomon Kane was originated by pulp-era writer Robert E. Howard, the legendary creator of “Conan” and “Red Sonja”. The film adaptation tells the heroic story of a savage warrior in 16th Century England who seeks redemption for a lifetime of sins by renouncing violence to live a life of purity, only to find himself compelled to pick up his sword once again to vanquish a growing evil.

Pete Postlethwaite, Max Von Sydow, Rachel Hurd Wood, Alice Krige, Mackenzie Crook also star.



  • Taboo

    This looks good!

  • Dr_Loomis

    Of course this film is decent…MrDisgusting hates it. He loves garbage and hates good stuff.

    • crow454

      I would normally agree with you in regards to Mr D’s questionable taste in movies, however this time he’s actually right. Solomon Kane, which I saw 2 years ago, is AWFUL. As a standalone flick, its boring and rambling and goes nowhere with a very anticlimactic resolution. As an adaptation of the Howard source material its an abomination, not even remotely resembling the character or stories.

  • doomas10

    Solomon Kane is a great adaptation – Proper atmosphere, good sword fights and awesome monsters. James Purfoy nails the role. Here in UK the film is considered cult. As for what crow454 said, probably he hasn’t read not a single Solomon Kane tale

    • crow454

      Ya, probably, thats why I made the point of comparing them to the stories. Baseless and juvenile assumption, dumbass10. I have read all the Kane stories, as I have ALL the REH books and stories. Numerous times. HPL & REH are my 2 faves. My opinion is that it bares little resemblance to the stories other than the rushed back story. It was bland and uninteresting.

  • Evil_Flip

    I like this film, it’s not a masterpiece but its fun. It’s what vanHelsing could have been. It’s really strange this hasn’t been released yet (and even still gets a theatrical release) since it’s been in the bargain bin for ages here in the Netherlands

  • Scifibookguy

    I rented Solomon Kane on Vudu tonight, and I think this movie is awesome! 🙂 I read BD’s review, and noticed that he has inaccurate information in his review. I registered just so I could set the record straight.

    At the end, Kane did NOT martyr himself! He shot the sorcerer in the head, and that’s what caused the blast of fire/heat as the sorcerer and fire demon were sucked into the portal. I figure the fire blast was also cleansing Kane so that he was finally redeemed from his sins, which was a bonus 🙂

    Also, Kane made the decision to save the girl because HE WANTED TO, not because he was forced to. Before fighting the bandits to save the family, he made the conscious decision to save them knowing that he was going to go to hell for killing them. The father asked him to go save Meredith, and Kane promised because he wanted to save her, not because he would be redeemed.

    Was the movie changed from 2009 to now, or was BD not paying attention?

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