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Could ‘Pray For Dark’ Redefine Horror Gaming?



Vaylr Studios, the company behind Pray For Dark, seems to think so. Here’s the problem. They need their Kickstarter campaign funded or this game may never get finished. With only $2500 funded of the projected $400,000 needed they are quite short of their goal. We’ve been promised redefining games before and all have fallen short. Rule number 1 when making a game is never to announce that it could redefine a genre, or that it’s another games killer. The game does look pretty cool so far, you can check out the trailer past the break. Game facts go! They are also building the game around some of an artist known as Brom‘s art. The dev team considers the game so scary they call it psycho terror. The game follows main character known as “Sewer Man” or “Angel” who is blind but has special goggles that allow him to see. In turn he can slaughter the horrid creatures living in the sewers. More past the break.

The game’s main character, Angel (aka “Sewer Man”), is blind but he shares the same visual abilities as the mutant beasts roaming the sewers below. He wears specialized goggles that have many features, including the use of a blend of light emission and echolocation enabling him to see.

One of the most unique gameplay aspects is the weaponry system, permitting players to enhance their weapon capabilities through the use of specialized fuel capsules known as “juice.” These enhancements become necessary as the player progresses deeper down into the subterranean levels that become increasingly challenging as the player descends further into the game and story.