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Greg Rucka’s Dystopian ‘Lazarus’

Greg Rucka is partnering up once again with artist Michael Lark for a new dystopian style ongoing series titled, Lazarus, from Image Comics. The last time the team united, they won an Eisner Award for their work on “Gotham Central”. “Lazarus” was announced a few months back at SDCC and it follows the exploits of the genetically modified Endeavor Carlyle as she attempts to survive in her odd sci-fi world.

Ruck spoke with Comic Book Resources about the series saying, “‘Lazarus’ is the story of a woman who discovers nothing is what she’s been led to believe it is, and her attempts to overcome it and perhaps try to make things right.”

“It came out of the Occupy Movement and the economics of it and positing, ‘What happens if it goes horribly wrong?'” continued Rucka. “If there is no return from the brink, where are we in 50 or 100 years?”

“As Endeavor exists in that world, she exists within her family,” Rucka said. “Her relationships with her family members — her siblings and her parents — are obviously crucial. There is a guy who is not of the family who is part of the unit, who is responsible for her health, welfare and well-being. This is the most crucial relationship we’ve established in the first story arc: her relationship with, basically, her doctor. As we move on and as she moves out of the family bubble, those interactions are crucial.”

“For reasons I still don’t understand, I almost always write these nature versus nurture stories,” Rucka said. “This creates a backdrop where the nurture is directed in one way for Endeavor. She is brought up in a very specific environment with a very specific set of priorities, beliefs, duties, relationships and values, and those are all nurtured things. So what is her nature? We’re asking this right out of the gate. One of the big things about all science fiction, regardless of how far or near you set it, is it provides allegory and wonderful opportunities for social commentary.

“At the end of the day, the end goal is always to tell a great story for people to be invested in,” Rucka continued.

“Lazarus” is set for release in Spring 2013 from Image Comics.



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