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The 69 Eyes Releasing Graphic Novel This October

Finland’s masters of dark gothic rock, The 69 Eyes, have already announced that they will be releasing their 10th studio album, X, on Oct. 9th. In celebration of this achievement, the band has teamed up with gothic boutique publisher Seraphemera Books & Music to release a three part graphic novel series that exposes a bit of the sordid history of the band, a history that they think we readers might not be so eager to learn of…

Singer Jyrki 69 explains, “When we released our first ever 7” single in 1990, it had a 4-page mini comic book enclosed. In that comic The 69 Eyes were represented as a vampire rock band, and the daughter of Van Helsing came to pay me a visit to the backstage – armed with a wooden stake! Now some two decades later we will finally have our own comic book. The song remains the same – according to a folklore we are real vampires. How else could we have played this long?”

The first issue will be released this October. You can check out the cover art below.

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