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‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’ Hottie Gets Covered in Blood!

This afternoon SpookyDan jumped on a call with Autumn Reeser, the beautiful star of Warner Premiere’s Lost Boys: The Tribe, which will have its world premire at the San Diego Comic Con this month before arriving on DVD and Blu-ray July 29th. Inside you can read Spooky’s interview where she talks about getting the part… and ending up looking like CARRIE!This afternoon I spoke with actress Autumn Reeser about her role in Warner Premiere’s upcoming film, LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, the highly anticipated sequel that brings the two Coreys back to the genre. Reiser talked a bit about getting the part, along with what we can expect from the film directed by P.J Pesce.

SpookyDan: Tell me what it was like to get the call when they told you, YOU had the part!

Autumn Reeser: I had never seen the original Lost Boys when the part was offered, but my fiancé had always been obsessed with it, so it was a totally new experience for me to watch it, it was nice to see what all the excitement was about, I really enjoyed it.

SD: No way, how do you go your whole life without seeing The Lost Boys?

AR: There is a lot of pop culture that I was never aware of, it weirds a lot of people out. I will be with friends listening to the radio and a Metallica song will come on, they will be reminiscing about jr. high…And I am like …is this a new song? Its like I grew up on a different planet, I was a musical theater geek, so I was just into that world more than anything else.

SD: Because its surfing vampires, my friends and I are going to have a pool party to watch it.

AR: That’s great! A pool party is a great setting,( maybe I should do that.) I think that is why Warner Bros decided to release it directly to DVD, because that’s how people want to see it, in a group setting with friends, a few beers, and having fun, like the old days. You should have vampire themed food at your party!

SD: With this movie comes a strange baggage, we are all nervous…is it going to be good?

AR: Everyone really wants it to be good. When you take on something like this you know before hand that there will be people that are going to just not like it no matter what. They never wanted a sequel in the first place, because nothing can ever live up to the original. I think I would feel that way if someone was to do a remake of The Princess Bride, or a sequel, I think I would be mad. I just hope that everyone enjoys what we did. As an actor, I really wanted to do a vampire movie, and I really wanted to be part of a cult classic.

SD: As a horror fan, I want blood guts and nudity, does this deliver the goods?

AR: All three! Blood guts and nudity are in this movie, its just been updated for a modern audience.

SD: Can you tell us about a particularly nasty kill?

AR: I don’t know what I am allowed to say about the specific kills, but I can tell you that for five days of shooting I was covered in blood! Go to your fridge, open it up, and take a bottle of maple syrup, and just dump it onto your head…that’s what it was like for days. It was all night shoots so it was cold and sticky, your clothes stick to you, and even your eyelashes will stick to your eye! Your eyelids stick open. We used a lot of fake blood in this… I looked like CARRIE.

SD: I like Corey Feldman as much as anyone else does, but everything I read is Corey Corey Corey, is this a Lost Boys movie or the Corey Feldman show?

AR: Oh no, Corey has been great doing a lot of press about it and people want to hear about it, because he is the one who was there for the first one. The film is similar to the way the first one is structured. It’s really similar. I think you will be happy, its great to hear that people are enthusiastic about it. I definatly screamed and covered my eyes few times during an early screening, I really hope you enjoy it.

LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE arrives on DVD and Blu-ray July 29th from Warner Premiere.



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