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First Official Stills From Dimension’s ‘Pulse 2: Afterlife’

This afternoon Dimension Extreme sent over the first batch of stills from Pulse 2: Afterlife, which make me think that Venom might be making a cameo in the film. Directed by Joel Soisson, the film is slated to hit retailers everywhere on September 30th. Read on for your look at five stills and watch for details on the third film sometime soon-after.The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet. Cities are deserted, technology has been destroyed and the few remaining human beings eschew anything electrical in order to avoid a confrontation with the soulless ghosts that now wander the planet. Most of the ghosts are doomed to a repetitive loop of something they did while they were still despairing humans (a man repeatedly hangs himself, for example), but there are some ghosts so locked in denial, they do not know they are dead. They continue to haunt their homes, wrapped in fear that their souls will soon be torn from them.

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