Proof That Alex Aja's 'Mirrors' Will Be a Massive Gorefest! - Bloody Disgusting
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Proof That Alex Aja’s ‘Mirrors’ Will Be a Massive Gorefest!



I love how 20th Century Fox has responded to fans in their concern over Alex Aja’s Mirrors. After the initial teaser trailer, the studio has launched an all-out campaign to prove to us that the movie will in fact be bloody as all hell. Today we’ve been provided with a new still featuring star Amy Smart in a bloodbath – literally. Read on and chew on the madness. The story follows a security guard at a high-end department store who begins to investigate mysterious deaths occurring in front of the stores’ mirrors. He soon discovers that there are murderous reflections out for revenge.Click the image to see it biggie-sized, alongside others:


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