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SDCC ’08: Joe Harris Announces Two New Projects

Announced at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con were two new books from writer Joe Harris (Slingers and Bishop: The Last X-Man for Marvel), which will be published by Oni Press. Newsarama reports that the first is a five-issue series called GHOST PROJECT that features art by Steve Rolston. The story takes place in the former Soviet Union and revolves around the idea that during the Cold War, the Soviets experimented with all sorts of weapons of mass destruction, including the supernatural. It’s due in late 2009 or early 2010. His second project, THE HASHISHIAN, is an original graphic novel with art by Trevor McCarthy. Harris said the name comes from a sect of assassins during the Crusades who were sent out to perform assassinations “drugged out of their minds,” Harris said. Harris responds to the projects on his official blog. Click here for all Comic Con coverage.



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