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Ratner’s ‘Mother’s Day’ Remake Won’t Buzz?

We broke the news in an interview back in February with Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman that Brett Ratner had been trying to gain the remake rights to MOTHER’S DAY. This weekend we learned that Ratner is already out to directors to bring this chaotic tale back to the big screen. One rumored name in talks was SAW II-IV director Darren Lynn Bousman, who jokes with us that he is in no way attached, “I haven’t read a script or a treatment [for MOTHER’S DAY]; add it to the other 25 supposed remakes I am hypothetically attached to – Children of the Corn, Hellrasier, Scanners, and now Mother’s Day – I am gunning for Casablanca, though I feel I am fighting an uphill battle on that one…” I think that’s a pretty clear answer, no?Synopsis From IMDB (why is it so hard to find a freaking poster and synopsis?) -“Three women who were friends in college get together for a ten year reunion and decide to go camping in the woods. Unknown to them, two boys and their mother who happen to live in those very same woods, like to abduct people, who happen to wander in their neck of the woods, and torture them, just like they see on TV!”



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