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A&E Has a Trio of Release Just in Time For Halloween

Arriving on DVD October 28th is PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL, which is the intense journey into the lives of children who live with gifts they frequently see as burdens. With the help of caring experts, they begin to understand and manage their powers, realizing their potential both as psychics and human beings. Watch as psychic/medium Chip Coffey and clinical psychologist Dr. Lisa Miller come to the aid of these remarkable children, who discover they are not alone. Follow them as they compare notes, discuss long held-in feelings, and with guidance, bravely seek out the spirits they dread. Extras: Biography Special “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal”. Read on for the full list of A&E releases coming October 28th…

Haunted Histories Collection

For as long as things have gone bump in the night, there has been a morbid fascination with the unknown and the supernatural. From ghosts and witches to vampires and ghouls, our imaginations have helped to give rise to a spine-tingling world beyond comprehension. Now, for the first time, new science and analysis are being applied to these persistent human fears in THE HAUNTED HISTORIES COLLECTION and, across five spooky DVDs from A&E Home Video and The History Channel®, the inexplicable is explained, the unknown is revealed, and misconceptions are laid to rest…forever!

In these definitive programs from the most cob-web laden corner of The History Channel® archives, home viewers will learn, through informative, comprehensive and entertaining documentaries, the truth and persistent mysteries behind such horrors as the Salem witches, haunted houses and blood-sucking vampires. Viewers will even have the opportunity to relive the delights of childhood Trick-or-Treat excursions and discover the dark, millennia-old history of this seemingly harmless tradition. Each program combines dramatic reenactments, interviews with experts from every relevant field and riveting personal accounts from those who’ve survived encounters with the paranormal. The results are riveting and will leave the viewer questioning their grasp of reality!

Haunted Histories Collection Vol. 2

Following the monstrous success of the original HAUNTED HISTORIES COLLECTION, A&E Home Video unearths an all-new, all-terrifying installment of supernatural phenomenon! From the tortured spirits who haunt American homes and a historical alchemist and grave robber who yearned for the secret elixir of life to eyewitness accounts of actual zombies, HAUNTED HISTORIES COLLECTION: VOLUME 2 investigates the facts supporting the world’s most ghoulish, real-life tales.

From bone-chilling interviews with eyewitnesses who have felt the presence of restless ghosts, seen the walking dead, or participated in spirit possession rituals to expert testimony from historians, scientists, biomedical researchers and psychics – you don’t have to believe in ghosts to be spooked by these terrifying tales. HAUNTED HISTORIES COLLECTION: VOLUME 2 features in-depth investigations of the world’s scariest stories, including: “Haunted Houses”, “In Search of the Real Frankenstein”, “More Haunted Houses: Tortured Souls and Restless Spirits”, “Voodoo Rituals”, and “Zombies”, and provide spine-tingling evidence for the unlikeliest of paranormal terrors.


Extracurricular activity is important to a well-rounded college experience, but there are few clubs with stranger experiences than The Paranormal Research Society (PRS) of Penn State University. While others join clubs to play chess, speak French or go camping, the members of the PRS share an interest that goes far beyond this plane of existence. Join A&E Home Video as they chronicle the supernatural exploits of this intrepid group in PARANORMAL STATE: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE. Fresh off its top-rated inaugural season on A&E, this 3-DVD set, offers every otherworldly episode and a host of spook-tacular extras!

Following the dramatic life of Penn State student Ryan Buell, the director/founder of the PRS, and his team as they seek to find the truth behind terrifying real life mysteries, PARANORMAL STATE is the very first program to explore the “beyond” through the eyes of college students. Home viewers are invited into the darkest corners of the unknown, as the PRS sets out on cases throughout the country, investigating supernatural activities and attempting to help the victims of hauntings, possessions, and other paranormal problems. Through the use of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings, client interviews, video documentation, old-fashioned research and the help from outside experts such as renowned psychics, demonologists, exorcists and Penn State University psychologists, Ryan Buell and the PRS team delve dangerously into other worlds to try and help people who have no one else to turn to — and all while trying to find balance within their young adult lives.



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