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Lucio Fulci Triple Feature This Thursday in CA!



The Silent Movie Theatre’s Zombies, Zombies, Zombies festival, co-hosted by BC and Bloody-Disgusting, is sadly coming to a close. But Cinefamily has saved the best for last: a Lucio Fulci TRIPLE FEATURE!!! Fulci’s unofficial trilogy of zombie awesomeness: The Beyond, Gates of Hell, and of course Zombie (aka Zombi 2), will be screening this Thursday (October 30th) at the theater, located at Fairfax and Melrose in Los Angeles. Plus, BC will be on hand to chat a bit about the movies and, as always, give away free DVDs to B-D readers! Keep reading for more info and how you can score FREE passes to the event!

The zombie–a real Romero zombie, not the voodoo kind–is the first new monster in decades that has captured the public imagination with the same kid of archetypal recurrence as werewolves and vampires, rising up again and again. It’s a modern, urban terror; humans aren’t necessarily supposed to be surrounded by millions of other humans. What if these faceless hordes of people of people we have to deal with, packed into one location, all mindlessly turned on each other? On us? But the zombie-take-all scenario isn’t just a fear–it’s a fantasy too, exposing our secret desire to guiltlessly blow away row after row of hungry, stupid humanoids, with no repercussions. When is it gonna be most okay to shoot someone in the head? In the zombie apocalypse, that’s when.

Click here for more info and trailers for all films playing.

To enter to win one of THREE (3) pairs of passes for Thursday’s (Oct 30) Fulci Triple Feature, put ZOMBIES in the subject line and send an email to with your name, age, and phone number. Winners will be chosen at random on Thursday morning, and your names will be held at the door. Good luck!

October 30th @ 7:30PM – Lucio Fulci triple feature: “Zombie”/”Gates of
Hell”/”The Beyond”

All shows only $10
More info @

The Silent Movie Theatre, located on 611 N Fairfax (at Melrose), is the only still operating silent movie theater in the US, but also has new sound/projection to offer a quality film experience.


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