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UPDATE: Munroe’s Undead Wrestler ‘El Zombo’ Coming to the Big Screen



Update: Kevin Munroe talks about the project inside: During our interview with director Kevin Munroe, he revealed to Bloody-Disgusting exclusively that after filming both DEAD OF NIGHT and WAR MONKEYS he plans on developing a feature film adaptation to Dark Horse’s El Zombo series. You can read all about it inside.El Zombo is one of those things that I would really like to see done,” Munroe tells Bloody-Disgusting in an exclusive interview. “ It’s always been that one project that we’ve wanted to work on. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just… you need to pay rent and you don’t get to pay attention to everything. I would like to make that a priority if not by the end of this year, next.

It’s a great story. Chris Patton, Robert Sanchez and myself are starting a new production company just for movies like this, where they feel sort of familiar, but at the same time it’s sort of a combination of all different genres,” he explains. “El Zombo is exactly that, it’s like ‘Me and my Monster’, albeit with an undead Mexican zombie. So I would love to have that movie be one of the first ones we set up, it has a real universal appeal; even amongst the sea of weirdness, there’s something really relatable to it.

ZOMBO is the story of the unlikely friendship between a temperamental undead wrestler and an equally difficult 10-year-old girl from East L.A. Pro wrestling champ El Zombo gets a second lease on life after being unceremoniously murdered in a back alley for refusing to take a dive in the ring. His deal is to return to Earth to help Belisa Montoya – a troubled girl about to fall victim to a horrible unknown accident. Returning at first for selfish reasons of revenge, El Zombo soon finds himself at a crossroads, forced to choose between his own vengeance and saving the life of this girl he now deeply cares for. Watch this spot for more details this week.

Munroe talks a bit more about the comic, which EL ZOMBO will be adapted from.

There are 3 issues, it came out in like 2002, 2003? It’s funny, all these Marvel and DC properties are eaten up, so you’re gonna start seeing movies based on comics that aren’t typical superhero comic stories. Even Hellboy, it’s not a regular superhero, it’s a really compelling story. There are as many comics as there are TV stations, but to John Q Public, they are just now catching on to that.

Watch for more on this next year.


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