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S’more Entertainment Release Two Indie Films

S’more Entertainment will release both CRIPPLED CREEK (2005) and DARK AWAKENING (2007) on DVD February 24th. AWAKENING comes with a few extras including: Audio commentary by Senese, a production photo gallery, cast biographies, and of course the trailer. Inside you can check out the DVD cover art, along with long synopses for both.In CRIPPLED CREEK: This is the retelling of real events that took place on an otherwise pleasant weekend, April 23, 2004. Three young women, overjoyed by getting away from their hectic lives, enter the woods to spend time at afamily cabin. On their way in, a park ranger warns them about the old hermit who lives there. Their joy soon turns to terror as the threesome realize that the forest contains other dangerous secrets. The girls’ initial anxiety turns to attraction when they encounter two handsome guys. The feeling they’re being watched grows, then the hermit appears, threatening them to “leave or die.” The gruesome murders, or should we say feast, begins. Snares, knives, bear traps and branches become the backwoods maniac’s tools of torture and death.

In DARK AWAKENING: On the surface, Ray Ryan has it all. He’s a successful advertising executive with a new promotion. He has a nice home and a beautiful fiancée. Underneath it all is a dark secret he’s finding harder to hide. Ray’s nightmares are giving way to visions of his abusive father, unlocking a suppressed violence he’s unable to control. When ray brutally assaults a man in a parking lot, it leads to an investigation by an aging detective with a connected past. Neither is prepared as the secrets begin to unfold over a thirty-year-old murder they’ve both struggled to keep buried.



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