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Andy Fickman Talks Remake Madness as RKO

One of the more exciting slew of remakes on the horizon are coming from RKO, who announced a deal with Twisted Pictures early last year. This morning a new interview with Race to Witch Mountain director Andy Fickman, who will be producing I Walked with a Zombie for RKO and Twisted. Read on for some chatter behind that project, which will be directed by Adam Marcus.Fickman went through a bunch of the projects he’s working on and why he picked them.

I loved “I Walked with a Zombie;” I thought it was one of the most beautiful,” he tells Comingsoon. “I remember catching it on a big screen at some revival house. I thought it was one of the most beautiful horror films in terms of the looks with shadows. “The Body Snatcher”, which is the one that of all of them, “Body Snatcher” will probably be the one that I’ll direct and I thought that it was great in terms of the medical community today, and there was a lot of stories that were in the press.

He continues, ““Bedlam” was also another one that I remember Boris Karloff and how creepy the world was. Then we took one of the RKO movies that had not been from the Val Lewton library, which was “Five Came Back”, an old Lucille Ball movie, and it’s more of an action-drama. We came up with a spin that really worked within the confines of what this horror world was. Yeah, these were movies that I loved because, like, “Cat People”, which was also part of that library, they were coming in the ‘40s after Universal really laid the groundwork with all the creature features, with “Frankenstein” and “Dracula” and “The Wolf Man” and “Mummy” and all of that. RKO didn’t have as much money and so they really had to go for the classic smoke and mirrors. We’ll do it shadows, we’ll do it with fog, we’ll do it with lights, and people like Robert Wise, one of my favorite directors, cut his chops on those movies. Yeah, I looked at it as a great challenge. They’re not titles that even sometimes the strongest cinephiles that I speak to are vaguely familiar with one or two of those, usually “Cat People”, they’re like, “Oh, okay, I know that.

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