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Official Bloody-Disgusting Podcast Heads to Haddonfield, Springwood

They’re back! Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan and David Harley host the official Bloody-Disgusting Podcast to discuss some of the big topics this week. Does Michael Myers really ditch the mask in Rob Zombie’s Halloween sequel? Freddy has been cast for the new Nightmare flick, but can Rorschach really fit in a dirty Christmas sweater? And this year’s 8 Films to Die For… are they really to die for? These topics, plus reviews from this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival, along with a chance for listeners to win copies of Magnolia Entertainment’s Let the Right One In on DVD. You can listen in to that, along with the new Dead Pixels Podcast, and subscribe right on our Podcasts page, or search the iTunes music store for “Bloody Disgusting”.



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