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Horror Vets Topline ‘Blood: A Butcher’s Tale’

A film being pushed at this year’s Cannes is Blood: A Butcher’s Tale, which is being directed by Mark Tuit. Starring Emily Perkins (Ginger Snaps, Juno) Aaron Douglas (I Robot, Shattered), Kim Coates (The Island, Silent Hill) and Christa Campbell (Day of the Dead, 2001 Maniacs), the film is the harrowing tale of Sam, a simple butcher, who discovers that the love of his life is being seduced by a vampire. As he investigates further, he realizes that his destiny is to become the destroyer of this bloodthirsty race. Bent on vengeance, Sam sets out to cleanse the world of the monsters that took from him his only love. The faint line between love and hate becomes blurred when he finds himself intrigued and enamored by the romantic darkness of the undead.Pictured: Emily Perkins

Emily Perkins



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