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Watch Eduardo Rodriguez’s Entire Online Series ‘Blood Cell’!

3:30am (Los Angeles): Julia is jolted awake; a video message on her cell phone from her best friend, Susan. “I’ve been kidnapped… you can’t call the police… and don’t turn off your cell phone. He’ll kill me if you do…” and as the shadowed figure of a dark, ominous man fills the frame, Susan screams and the message cuts out. Confused, Julia receives a text message from the kidnapper: “Dead Cell = Dead Friend.” A peaceful night turns into a race against time. Using her cellphone as her only lifeline, Julia must rescue her friend and avoid succumbing to a similarly gruesome fate. Jessica Rose aka Lonelygirl15 stars in Eduardo Rodriguez’s online series BLOOD CELL, which is now available in its entirety online. You can watch them ALL by reading beyond the break. BLOOD CELL is fun little suspense story that we shot in 10 nights all over LA with minimum wages, almost no craft service and a bunch of hardworking people who didn’t care about the two aforementioned circumstances,” Rodriguez tells Bloody Disgusting. “To me it was more about discovering what you can and can’t do in this new media of the internet, while also exploring the suspense/thriller genre in a serialized series.

I’ve never written anything for the internet before BLOOD CELL, so it was fun to have to come up with cliffhangers every four pages or so, knowing that unless I had one, chances were people weren’t going to come back to watch the next episode.

He continues, “Most of the scary web series I’ve seen are focused on the gore and blood to create fear. And elieve me I have nothing against that, but I just wanted to see how suspense would hold up when you have only 4 minutes to play with it each time.

Below you’ll find the first episode entitled “I’ve been Kidnapped” (4:10), in addition to 17 others episodes! In the first episode Julia (Jessica Rose aka Lonelygirl15) gets a phone call from her friend Susan who has been kidnapped.

1. I’ve been Kidnapped

2. Dead Cell = Dead Friend

3. Alex, I’ll be at your place soon

4. Where are you Alex?

5. He wants you to listen

6. Finally, Susan’s place

7. Who’s the redhead in the picture?

8. It’s all gonna be okay

9. You’ll know what I want in 30 minutes

10. Susan mentioned a big bird

11. Can you give me a hand?

12. The picture is a fake

13. I could use a ride

14. Stop the car!

15. I’m coming Susan!

16. Julia where are you?

17. Get me out of here!

18. Oh, my God…



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