[Fan Expo Canada] Marvel NOW! Panel - Bloody Disgusting
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[Fan Expo Canada] Marvel NOW! Panel



Yet another big panel at Fan Expo Canada was the Marvel NOW! Panel. All kinds of gooey Marvel NOW! teasers were shown. On the panel were Axel Alonso, Stephen Wacker, Nick Lowe, Ryan Penagos, and Arune Singh. While no big news was released due to “AvX” still being under way, some insight was shared with promise of a big announcement at tomorrow’s Marvel panel. There was some Deadpool news, lots of creative team details, and, as always, lots about Spidey (2099?).

One of the coolest pieces of news was that every Marvel NOW! title will have AR functions for tablets and smart phones. Scanning the covers of the books with the Marvel AR ap will bring up exclusive videos, images, and tidbits from the creators.

A trailer for the new Deadpool video game played and it looks appropriately gruesome, full of crude humor, and Deadpool being Deadpool.

This October the Marvel NOW! 0.1 issue will be released in October, and apparently the new Nick Fury will be playing a key role in this new Marvel.

The panel gang was hesitant to reveal any real details on the new books in fear of spoiling AvX. X-Force will somehow be affected by the Marvel initiative, and new characters will be on board. They said to expect real news in about 2 weeks. We can only assume this means a new titles is coming. Ramon Perez will likely be working on something X-Men related.

There was talk of bringing back “Spider-Man 2099”, with Stephen Wacker saying there have been emails about it, but nothing official yet. There was quite a bit of talk about Spider-Man’s new costume, which will play a big role in the new books. Arune Singh said, “Maybe it’s not even a he”.

Axel Alonzo stressed that this was not a reboot. This was not influenced by DC’s reboot, but it’s simply a way to engage new readers and put new teams together.


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