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Rumor Control: Teaser Image for Filmax’s ‘REC 3’?

UPDATE: Bullshit alert! Filmax has responded to these websites and tells us that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING here is 100% bullshit. Bummer. While most of you haven’t even seen the incredible REC 2 yet, Filmax is already moving forward on REC 3, although a writer/director have yet to be revealed. This past week was launched teasing “Proximamente,” or “Coming Soon.” What was really interesting was the newly added Facebook link that contained some new Intel and a teaser image (look at it below). The Facebook page teased: “Release date [REC] 3: 2011,” adding “Confirmed a possible pre-production on the film. For now, both the script and the director of the film are being expected.” In an exclusive interview with Bloody Disgusting, franchise creators/directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza had confirmed that they will NOT get behind the camera, but will produce.REC 3



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