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Take a Trip to the Home Planet of ‘Predators’ in Leaked Pics! Brian Steele Cast!

Update: One of the images reveal that fan fav Brian Steele (The Relic, Resident Evil: Extinction, The Cave, Hellboy, Underworld, Blade: Trinity, Men in Black II and more) has also been cast! Bloody Disgusting learned he will portray the “Black Super Predator”. What a way to kick off the weekend, I mean really, this is some incredible stuff. This morning a shit ton of behind-the-scenes photos were leaked from the set of 20th Century Fox’s Predators that feature shots of the cast, crew and mother f*ckin’ Predators! Dig on ’em below. In this version arriving in theaters July 9, a group of humans will find themselves stranded on a planet home to Predators and must survive the horrors they encounter.Click any image below for all of the pics:

REMOVED, click here to see them



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